oOh!media a winner at Moodie Davitt Awards

oOh! won the award for best digital advertising campaign

In a win for its world class innovation, oOh!media has been awarded best digital advertising campaign in the global airport Moodie Davitt Awards.

In a world-first advertising campaign, Porsche drivers attracted more attention than usual with a new digital out-of-home campaign that displayed a tailored message on a Melbourne Airport digital billboard when the luxury car approached the sign over the approach road.

Using vehicle-shape identification technology, the innovative campaign automatically changed the content on the digital billboard with the message “It’s so easy to pick you out of a crowd” as a Porsche approached, revealing the message for 10 seconds.

oOh! was also highly commended for their Halo sign in Melbourne Airport in the most impactful individual digital advertising execution category.

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