oOh!media launches POLY to push boundaries of creativity in Out of Home


• POLY draws on oOh!’s scale, data and insights and brings together creative thinkers and enablers

oOh!media has launched a new creative and content innovation hub to inspire advertisers and agencies to push the Out of Home creative boundaries and capture more of consumers’ attention on the move.

The hub, called POLY, works with marketing and agency partners to develop and enhance campaign ideas and content solutions that demand consumers’ attention when they are on the move.

Neil Ackland, POLY CEO and chief content, marketing and creative officer, oOh!, said: “We are living in the attention economy and with the explosion in media channels, platforms and environments all begging for our attention, Out of Home stands out as being totally different to every other channel.

“We know from Analytics Partners research that over 40% of the return on investment in Out of Home is down to the creative.

NeIl Ackland

“Working with agencies and advertisers, POLY’s mission is to unlock that creative power and connect the dots between Out of Home and digital platforms to capture consumer attention and improve campaign ROI,” he added.

POLY draws on oOh!’s scale, data and insights and brings together a passionate team of creative thinkers and enablers, experienced in bringing bold ideas to life to maximise the impact of Out of Home creativity.

Ackland added: “Digital Out of Home continues to change the creative game offering a new canvas that can adapt dynamically with immediacy and speed. This provides exciting opportunities to bring new creativity to life for agencies and advertisers.”

A targeted marketing campaign launching POLY will run across oOh!’s network in media and creative agency office towers. Further announcements on new talent will be made shortly.

Last week, oOh!media reported revenue growth in the first quarter of the year at their Annual General Meeting on Thursday.

The media company had 15% growth in the March quarter, which is consistent with what was predicted in February.

April paced slightly stronger at +18%, however, May is expected to be impacted by the election – out of home does not benefit from the election in contrast to other media because of landlord restrictions on political advertising.

oOh! also reported a strong performance in road, street furniture and retail at +14% above 2019 April

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