oOh!media boosts flexibility with the removal of buying packs


The unbundling of digital sales packs across Australia enables agencies and brands to maximise marketing investment

oOh!media is delivering greater flexibility for advertisers to reach audiences at scale, with the removal of buying packs across digital Street and Rail broadcast networks. 

The unbundling of digital sales packs across Australia enables agencies and brands to maximise marketing investment by offering tailored planning and buying opportunities based on environment, location, and audiences.

It comes as the first comprehensive findings from the outdoor media company’s Brand Buyer Tracking (BBT) effectiveness studies show a more than 50% increase in buyers of brands that ran Out of Home campaigns across oOh!’s broadcast network, consisting of Street, Retail and Rail small format environments.

The outdoor media company operates the largest Out of Home broadcast network in the country, reaching 95%, or 14 million metro Australians, in a single week with one consistent format.

Across the broadcast network, using anonymised customer spend data over the past 18 months, Brand Buyer Tracking evaluated 46 campaigns that ran exclusively on one or more of its small format broadcast networks, with results showing significant uplifts across key marketing metrics including purchase uplift, new customer acquisition, market share and brand penetration.

Campaigns on oOh!’s broadcast network saw brands achieve a 56 percent increase in buyers during the campaign period on average, a figure over three times greater than the category they compete in, with a 76 percent increase in the number of buyers in the post campaign period, over 5 times greater than the broader category.

Brand Buyer Tracking attribution analysis also revealed brands achieved a seven percent increase in the conversion of new customers, 66% greater than the category they compete in and a 21% increase in market share, which more than doubled to 43 percent in the post campaign period.
Brands utilising oOh!’s broadcast networks also saw a 23 percent increase in brand penetration, rising to 41 percent in the post-period, indicating OOH’s role in not only driving sales but contribution to brand salience.
Bel Harper
, executive group director of product strategy, oOh! said: “Removing digital sales packs across Street and Rail means oOh! is making it easier to drive better results for our customers, with tailorable broadcast networks along the path to purchase which meet campaign objectives without waste.
“To demonstrate real outcomes across the Retail, Street and Rail environments, oOh! is leading the sector with its comprehensive Brand Buyer Tracking attribution suite which provides key metrics not easily available to most brands.
“We have always known that oOh!’s broadcast formats are powerful in driving purchase, and we now have the data to prove it. Accessible by up to 400 clients a year, BBT enables a clear understanding of campaign’ effectiveness when using the oOh! network, either in isolation or in conjunction with other media such as digital and TV.”

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