Omnicom & Foxtel Media to launch six-second ad format: Q Break

• Agency group buy out first batch of inventory

Foxtel Media has partnered with Omnicom Media Group for the launch of its new Q Break ad format, providing over seven clients from OMD, PHD and Hearts & Science exclusive access until the end of October, 2019.

The Q Break ad model is designed to enhance the viewer experience, while delivering increased impact for advertisers. The format is a 15-second advertising slot that consists of a three-second introduction, followed by two six-second ads, running at the start of a program. Q Breaks are among a range of new advertising innovations unveiled by Foxtel Media in September 2019.

The new format is rolling out across 17 Foxtel linear broadcast channels on Fox Network Australia, NBC Universal and BBC Worldwide. Omnicom Media Group agencies will be using the opportunity to trial six-second broadcast advertisements for a diverse range of clients.

Foxtel Media CEO Mark Frain said the partnership demonstrated the appetite for advertising innovation within the Australia market:

“We are delighted to be partnering with Omnicom to launch the new Q Break format across the Foxtel platform,” he said. “To have a single agency group buy out the full suite of a new product across our network from announcing the concept a matter of weeks ago is not only unprecedented – it’s also a huge endorsement of what we are setting out to do. The level of pro-activity from the Omnicom Group is great to see. We are committed to finding new and better ways for both viewers and advertisers within today’s attention economy – and this is the start of a significant body of work,” he said.

Omnicom CIO Kristiaan Kroon commented: “We know six-second placements work in a digital context and saw the importance for our clients to be involved with this market leading Foxtel opportunity. It will drive efficiencies for our clients, whilst providing insights into our planning and buying strategies across television and cross screen optimisation for OMD, PHD and Hearts & Science.”

As part of the launch, Foxtel Media are running research to determine customer engagement and receptiveness as well as the effectiveness and impact of the new format for advertisements,

Foxtel Media director of advanced advertising Nev Hasan added: “This is a major milestone for the new advertising approach we’re building here at Foxtel Media. We’re thrilled to have a range of leading brands feature in the launch of our Q Breaks, helping us create a win-win experience for consumers and advertisers alike. By enhancing the viewer experience we can simultaneously offer increased cut-through and recall.”

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