Offsiders turns 10

ABC TV’s sports program Offsiders celebrated a decade on Sunday morning with Roy Masters, The Australian’s Gideon Haigh and Footy Almanac editor John Harms

On Sunday morning ABC TV’s Offsiders celebrated 10 years on air.

The program, which each week features a panel of leading sport commentators and experts, was conceived and initially hosted by Insiders presenter Barrie Cassidy.

“Barrie’s concept was a thinking person’s sports program, free of any commercial compromise or broadcast loyalties that are a reality elsewhere,” said current host Gerard Whateley (pictured), who has been with the program from the start.

On the panel to help celebrate on Sunday morning were rugby league legend Roy Masters, author and writer for The Australian Gideon Haigh and editor of the Footy Almanac John Harms.

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