NOVA Entertainment and Fear & Greed launch new podcast How Do They Afford That?

Nova Entertainment - How Do You Afford That

The podcast is hosted by Canna Campbell and Michael Thompson

NOVA Entertainment and Fear & Greed have launched the new podcast How Do They Afford That? to provide simple hacks, habits and ideas to make your money work harder.

Each week hosts Canna Campbell and Michael Thompson peek into the financial lives of everyday Australians with episodes tackling common problems and sharing advice on issues that affect everyone.

Nathan McCahon, Nova Entertainment’s head of digital audio strategy and partner management, said: “Fear & Greed continues to be Australia’s most popular and commercially in-demand business podcasts. Working in close collaboration with the Fear & Greed team allows us to identify new opportunities that meet at the intersection of audience appetite and commercial demand.

“With the rising cost of living and ever-increasing interest rates, producing content that gives everyday Australians simple hacks and ideas to make their money work harder, just seemed right.

“We are now seeing clients wanting to be a part of this conversation and as a result, the launch of How Do They Afford That? has been one of our most successful podcast launches to date,” he added.

How Do They Afford That? episodes include making your credit card work for you, money management when you’re a spender and your partner is a saver, investing for your kid’s future, the only budget you’ll ever need and turning superannuation into a fun topic to name a few.

This is a podcast for anyone interested in managing their money better, creating more wealth with what they have and getting busy living rather than worrying about their money.
Thompson said: “Every week I’m learning something new from Canna about managing money. These are simple, straightforward ideas from someone who knows all the best tips and hacks – because she uses them for her own household finances too.
“Personal finance is a new area for Fear & Greed, and it’s terrific to be working with Canna Campbell and SugarMamma.TV on such a fun, interesting podcast series,” he added.
With launch partner AAMI, the first three episodes are out now and investigate how to make savings on the growing grocery bill as inflation soars, how to save when your partner likes to spend and investing for your children.
Thompson co-founded and launched Fear & Greed in May 2020 with Sean Aylmer and Adam Lang. He has won awards for his work in the radio industry and for journalism excellence.
Thompson has a long career as a journalist and producer, including 11 years at Macquarie Media, where he produced one of the country’s most successful morning shows. In this collaboration with Campbell, he will share with everyday Australians how to make their money go a little further and work a little harder.
Campbell is the founder of SugarMamma.TV with an audience of over 120k subscribers on her YouTube Channel and a strong following across Instagram and Facebook. She is the director of the financial planning firm SASS Financial and the best-selling author of The $1000 Project and Mindful Money.
As a mother, partner and businesswoman, she is passionate about educating, inspiring, and empowering individuals to create financial harmony, freedom, and independence in their lives. Along with Thompson, Campbell will share tips on how to get out of debt, save money, achieve your financial goals, and build a long-term passive income.
Fear & Greed
partnered with NOVA Entertainment at the start of 2021 and Fast Five by Fear & Greed is currently ranked #17 on the Triton Australia Podcast Ranker. 
How Do They Afford That?
is the latest podcast to launch on the NOVA Entertainment Podcast Network with a new episode dropping each Wednesday.

Top image: Canna Campbell and Michael Thompson

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