NGEN Halloween returns with a multi-city event after Covid

NGEN Halloween

The national sponsor of the event is TikTok, with bronze sponsors ARN and Shopper Media

NGEN Halloween is back with a three-city event in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne after a three-year Covid-induced absence.

The much-anticipated Halloween event wraps up a year of face-to-face workshops and webinars focused on learning new knowledge, insights and skills for the MFA’s NGEN community – a support and training network for media professionals with less than five years of experience in the industry.

The event is an opportunity for NGENers to network with their peers and make new connections.

NGEN’s Halloween has been made possible by the support of TikTok as a national sponsor, and bronze sponsors ARN in Sydney and Brisbane, and Shopper Media in Melbourne.

This year’s theme is #MainCharacterEnergy. POV: It’s the NGEN Halloween Party. You walk into the room, hearts stop, you’ve dressed as a 2022 TikTok trend. From #Euphoria to #Strangerthings and everything in between.

Melanie Aslanidis, head of NGEN, said: “We’re thrilled to be bringing back NGEN Halloween. It’s an important event on the NGEN calendar as an opportunity for NGENers to celebrate a year of learning and kicking career goals.

“We’re proud of the fact that NGEN has helped 7 out of 10 people in our industry today build their careers and we’re excited to continue to make an impact on the careers and personal development of our industry’s young media professionals,” she added.
TikTok industry lead Danielle Rigg-Smith said: “At TikTok, we’re passionate about the positive development of our local media industry and this extends to the next generation of leaders as they embark on their careers. We’re proud partners of NGEN who provide both learning opportunities and social connection for emerging media superstars.”
For priority access to tickets, NGENers had to attend three or more workshops throughout the year.

NGEN Halloween details:

When: Thursday October 27th
Where: Goros Surry Hills
Bronze sponsor: ARN

When: Wednesday October 26th
Where: Ballers Clubhouse
Bronze sponsor: Shopper Media

When: Friday October 28th
Where: Lala Land
Bronze sponsor: ARN

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