Brisbane’s Nova 106.9 starts second week broadcasting from the #GC2018

The station is official FM broadcaster of the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

Brisbane’s Nova 106.9 has started its second week broadcasting from the Gold Coast as it continues its role as the official FM broadcaster of the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

The Nova Brisbane team has relocated to Broadbeach for the duration of the Games, broadcasting daily from a pop-up studio at The Star Casino.

Last week breakfast show hosts Ash, Kip & Luttsy grilled co-host, Susie “Madam Butterfly” O’Neill, regarding her possible involvement with the Opening Ceremony, even presenting her with photographic evidence of a green room back of house at Metricon Stadium with her name on the door, to get her to confess she was part of the ceremony.

But O’Neill insisted to each of them she was not involved in any way.

Her lie was revealed when the Queen’s baton arrived at the Stadium in a Kombi van, and out popped O’Neill holding it.

O’Neill felt so bad about lying to the boys, both on and off air, that she recorded a special message from the Kombi for them.

Watch the message here.

The boys weren’t so forgiving and played a montage of her lies on air the following day.

While Nova is broadcasting from the Gold Coast, O’Neill has relinquished her spot in a popular show segment to athletes competing in the Commonwealth Games.

“Are you smarter than Suse” is the game where listeners call in to compete in an on-air quiz to see if they can take down the sporting superstar.

Each day during the Commonwealth Games broadcast, O’Neill is replaced by a different Australian athlete. The results so far have been mixed with only the Australian diver, Georgie Sheehan, beating her listener so far. Damon Kelly, Riley Day, Melissa Wu, Michelle Jenneke and Demi Hayes represent Team #GC2018 this week.

Meanwhile O’Neill will resume her role as Brisbane’s quiz queen when Nova returns to Brisbane Monday April 23.

Photo: Ash, Kip and Luttsy on the Gold Coast last week with Nova daytime announcers Greg Burns and Katie Mattin

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