Nova 100’s Lauren Phillips offends captain Richard de Crespigny on air

Nova 100's

The interview comes as two pilots were caught sleeping as their plane flew off course in Indonesia.

Lauren Phillips upset Captain Richard de Crespigny this morning, by suggesting that pilots “don’t need to do anything” to fly a plane, following news that two pilots had been caught falling asleep in the cockpit as their aircraft flew off course in Indonesia. 

On Nova 100’s Jase & Lauren breakfast show, de Crespigny said: “I mean, you have a responsibility as a pilot to protect the lives of all your passengers and you do not make that subservient to looking after a baby. If that’s the problem, you do not go to work.”

Phillips: “But Captain Richard, the planes fly on like autopilot, right? Are the pilots, are they doing much up there … for half an hour, they were asleep and the plane just cruised.”

de Crespigny: “Yeah, just like the radio station. It all goes on automatic doesn’t it? You don’t need to do anything.”

Phillips’ co-host Jase Hawkins went on to ask de Crespigny whether pilots get first choice of the plane meals before they are distributed to passengers.

de Crespigny replied: “You don’t want everyone to eat fish in the cockpit. So pilots must eat separate meals and in fact they load separate meals for the crew because the most risky food to eat on an aircraft is a first class food and now the reason for that is because they have salads, they have oysters, cold seafood, salad. These are things that, well certainly cold seafood is a great risk.”

The Jase & Lauren show began on Nova last week, after they were booted from the KIIS breakfast slot to make way for Kyle and Jackie O in Melbourne.

“It really sucked. The show was starting to get some momentum and the rug was pulled from under us,” Hawkins said of their departure from KIIS on the pair’s first day broadcasting for Nova.

“We are not naïve, this is the entertainment industry and people lose their jobs all the time.”

Today, it was revealed Kyle and Jackie O will start broadcasting in Melbourne on 29 April.

“We’re just going to give you a very different type of radio show,” Sandilands told Byron Cooke, who’s been holding down the breakfast slot until they start.

“I’m not saying the other ones are the worst shows in the world because they’re not. They’ve been great, but we just offer something different.”

He had previously called Jase and Lauren’s new show the “sh***est in Melbourne”.

“Melbourne, I can’t wait to go there. I can’t wait for the whole show to go completely national live,” Sandilands said.

“All the Melbourne stations, they are all circling the wagons.

“They keep telling everyone in the press, ‘Aw yeah, we are not worried.’ They are sh***ing themselves and I don’t blame them. I am not here to come second.”

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