Nova 100’s Ben Harvey crashes 3AW ahead of 30th birthday

Ben Harvey Nova 100

“First time caller long time listener, love the show.”

Nova 100’s Ben, Liam & Belle, co-host Ben Harvey managed to call another breakfast show and get on air as a fake caller…

As Harvey is about to turn 30, co-hosts Belle Jackson and Liam Stapleton are committed to helping Ben do 30 things he’s never done before his birthday.

One caller suggested getting Ben on a number 1 radio show in Melbourne – something he hadn’t done before…

Quotes from the morning’s show…

Liam provided some context to Ben’s challenge… [9:18]

Liam: We got a call yesterday from Caitlin in Fitzroy and I don’t know if it was a bit of a dig to be honest. But she was like you should get on a number one radio show because obviously this shows not number one.

Ben: Yep. We sit comfortably around fourth.\. Sometimes we get into third fair to say .

Liam: I think we may have touched a bronze yet one time. Yeah. But that’s cool. Yeah, whatever. We didn’t play footy or anything. And, you know, not on the TV. So what can we expect?

Ben: So the challenge was to get on a number one radio show. Now, there’s two ways you can look at that, there’s FM radio, which is Christian O’Connell. Or there’s like, outright number one. So there’s an AM/FM altogether. That’s Ross and Russ.

Liam: Because older people, they don’t have Netflix. They just listen to the radio all day every day. And that’s Ross and Russ, they crush it. And very exciting because it’s hard to line it up with whilst we’re doing breakfast. They’re doing breakfast, but we managed. We were listening to their show this morning and they asked for some people to call up. And it just so happened that we were in a song. So Ben quickly jumped on and he got through and he got on Ross and Russ. So Ben has been on a number one radio show in Melbourne now he can take that to his grave it’s an experience he’s had.

3AW’s Ross and Russ were hosting a grouse or shouse segment when Nova’s Harvey called up and got on the show… [11:09]

Ross: Ben, grouse or shouse?

Ben: G’day Ross and Russ. First time caller long time listener, love the show. I go on it’s absolute shouse when people were activewear in a professional workplace.

Ross: Ben define active wear? it’s more clingy than a tracksuit is it not?

Ben: Yeah so you know someone might come into workplace wearing like a you know a jumper and toights you know.

Top Image: Ben Harvey, Ross & Russ

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