Australian Idol’s Noora H reveals the “disappointing” side of the show’s social media fans

Noora H Australian Idol

Noora H: “Australia is not ready for someone like me”

Australian Idol delivered a shocking verdict on March 13 when Noora H was eliminated.

After gaining the judge’s save during Sunday, March 5 episode, the 27-year-old was ousted during Heroes week, leaving the judges gobsmacked by the decision.

“Are you happy, Australia?” judge Amy Shark said after the contestant’s final performance, Chandelier by Sia.

However, being voted off didn’t surprise the South-Western Sydney local, who admitted that some of the show’s fans made it clear she was going home. 

Noora H Australian Idol

Speaking with Mediaweek after her elimination, the 27-year-old admitted she was “disappointed” with some of the messages she had been receiving. 

I’m a little bit disappointed with the feedback that I have gotten on social media,” Noora said. “And I believe it may have affected some of the votes. I’m not too sure.”

Even though she said she had “accomplished everything” she had wanted to on Idolthe audience vote did leave her questioning the true intent behind it.

You feel like you’ve smashed every performance, and then you go online, and you just see that you’re not as popular as some others. It just makes you think.

When asked if the comments were racially motivated, Noora was quick to point out that only “some” were derogatory towards her religion.

“It’s been really hard, especially when you have put your best foot forward,” she said. “I’m totally okay with my voice not being for everyone, but when it gets really disrespectful, it breaks your heart.”

Unfortunately, the singer does feel that “Australia is not ready for someone like me”.

Noora H

Australian Idol’s Noora also received wonderful feedback which made it all worth it

While the negative feedback has rattled the newly minted Aussie star, she’s also had the “best feedback” as well.

“It’s the support that keeps me going,” she admitted. “I have a beautiful support system. But when I get the negative, it’s really bad. Everybody gets hate. But the hate that I get, it’s brutal. That’s what was so hard for me.”

“But I can [also] see why other Hijabis [an Australian woman who wears a hijab] have hesitated to come forward. I don’t regret it for one bit, because my support system is so much bigger and so much more special. And that’s all I need.”

She added: “I’ve inspired so many and there will be more after me. And if I had to kind of get myself out there and go through all that just to inspire others. I’ll do it again.”

Noora H says the judges are the “experts” and we should follow their lead

While it is, as Kyle Sandilands would say “a popularity vote”, for Noora, the judges are the “experts” and we should just “trust” their judgement.

“I’ve been getting back to back amazing positive feedback,” she said. “I think we should all be following what the judges are saying because they are the experts at the end of the day.”

And although she has now left the competition, “it’s just the beginning” for Noora, who wants to work as an artist on cruise ships.

“I want to make my own original music, I want to be on stage. I want to have my own shows where my own supporters are there for me and not just everybody. Where I know if people like me or not. It will be a room filled with love… and it will be more relaxing, without the judges sitting in front of me.”

Australian Idol airs 7.00 pm Sunday and 7.30 pm Mondays on Channel 7 and 7plus.

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