Noni Hazlehurst uncovers family secrets in SBS documentary series

• Celebrated actor Noni Hazlehurst will meet six Australians who are grappling with a family secret.

In a new SBS documentary series Every Family Has A Secret, six Australians discover the truth about their family’s past, confronting the secrets that have shaped them. Dark pasts, lies and half-truths are revealed, and lives are changed forever. Whether it is the ill deeds of parents or revelations of unexpected family members, Every Family has a Secret shocks, surprises and delights.

Over three episodes, celebrated actor Noni Hazlehurst will meet six Australians who are grappling with a family secret. Participants will travel around the world uncovering powerful truths about themselves, their families and Australia.

SBS director of TV and online content Marshall Heald said: “Every Family Has A Secret explores the family relationships and secrets that divide a household, introducing us to a diverse group of Australians who are seeking closure on their past. The series is full of shocks and surprises, but it’s also heartfelt and heart-warming. Noni Hazlehurst is one of Australia’s most iconic personalities, and in her role as presenter she brings her trademark elegance and warmth to the show. We are thrilled to be bringing this series to our audiences.”

From Taiwan to Romania and beyond, six Australians will discover the truth behind a gripping family secret.

Intimate secrets are unearthed, estranged family members are reunited and lives are forever changed in the emotional and confronting new series.

The three-part series is produced by Artemis Media for SBS, with funding from Screen Australia and Screenwest.

Every Family Has A Secret premieres at 7.30pm Tuesday 25 June, and will air over three weeks.

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