Nissan introduces new visual identity in e-POWER campaign by Nissan United (TBWA)

Nissan introduces new visual identity in e-POWER campaign by Nissan United (TBWA)

Sarah Cajelot: “We kick-started the whole process by briefing the creative team in the vehicle.”

Nissan Australia has launched a nationwide 360° campaign to showcase its e-POWER technology and introduce a fresh look for the brand led by Nissan United, TBWA’s dedicated bespoke agency for the car brand.

The campaign is designed around the convenience of Nissan’s e-POWER technology: “Driven by electric. Fuelled by petrol. So, you’ll never need to plug in to recharge.”

At the heart of the campaign is a 30-second television commercial set against the backdrop of the Australian landscape, featuring the X-TRAIL e-POWER engaged in a playful pursuit with a futuristic, battery-powered droid.

The commercial aims to showcase the effortless cruising capabilities of the X-TRAIL e-POWER across vast distances without requiring charging, unlike its battery-dependent counterpart.


Sriram Padmanabhan, Nissan’s marketing director, said: “This exciting new campaign and reinvigorated visual identity engineers a bolder and braver direction for Nissan in Australia and, along with our Dealer partners, we very much look forward to bringing it to life throughout the coming months.”

Sarah Cajelot, general manager at Nissan United, added: “The driving experience of the e-POWER really is something special. So much so, we kick-started the whole process by briefing the creative team in the vehicle. It’s quiet and smooth, so we had to find a disruptive way to tell Nissan’s e-POWER story.”

The campaign will roll out across channels including TV, cinema, online video (OLV), social media, anamorphic out-of-home (OOH), and digital platforms, as it unveils Nissan’s new visual identity.

It will also leverage partnerships with content creators and sponsorships with carsales, Urban List, and Meta for augmented reality experiences.

The Nissan campaign launch coincides with the debut of a new advertisement for the Apple Watch by TBWA’s other specialised agency for Apple, TBWA\Media Arts Lab.

The campaign depicts real stories of Apple Watch saving lives through distinctly Australian narratives, underscoring the capabilities of the Apple Watch.

Through a series of films, individuals Bruce and Lexie share personal accounts detailing how the Fall Detection and Low Heart Rate Notifications functionalities of the Apple Watch came to their aid during unforeseen circumstances.

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Nissan Australia

Chief creative officer: Paul Reardon
Senior creative: Scott Canning
Senior creative: Siobhan Fitzgerald
Senior producer: Melina Flood

Nissan United
General manager: Sarah Cajelot
Precision marketing and media lead: Tony McKay

Director: Dani Pearce
Managing director / co-owner: Michael Ritchie
Executive producer / partner: Pip Smart
Producer: Sarah Nichols
Director of photography: Germain McMicking

Arc Edit
Executive producer: Daniel Fry
Producer: Jess Ryan
Editor: Lucas Baynes

Head of VFX: Tom Corbett
EP: Steven Marolho
Head of production: Amy Jarman
Flame online: Julian Ford
3D artists: Maud Chapuis, Rachael Tedesco, Dusan Marjanovic, Philip Wang, Patricio Ducaud, John Trudgian, Nick Kaloterakis 
Compositor: Ran Xie
Colourist: Fergus Rotherham 

Rumble Studios
Executive producer: Michael Gie
Engineer: Cam Milne

Level Two Music
Music supervisor: Karl Richer
Music supervisor: Mel Pantz

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