Nine Podcasts launches Hannah’s Story

Nine Podcast - Hannah's Story

“It needs to be told so we can learn and better understand coercive control”

Nine Podcasts has launched a new podcast, Hannah’s Story, during Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month

It was a day that shocked Australia. The day Hannah Clarke and her three young children, Aaliyah, Laianah and Trey, were tragically killed by their father and Hannah’s estranged husband, dousing them in petrol and setting them on fire in a quiet suburban street. 

The incomprehensible act of domestic violence sparked a wave of outrage, shock, and grief across Australia, but most importantly, started a national conversation about a form of domestic violence few had even heard of – coercive control.

Hannah’s parents Lloyd and Sue with Melissa Downes

Melissa Downes, 9News Queensland presenter, was one of the reporters covering the story of Hannah and her children that day. Standing on the street in the Brisbane suburb of Camp Hill, Melissa was left at a complete loss as to how something like this could have happened, and how to explain it to the rest of Australia.

It is a story that has stayed with her ever since.

Downes said: “As heartbreaking and confronting as this story is, it needs to be told so we can learn and better understand coercive control.”


Downes with Hannah’s parents Sue and Lloyd

Now, three years on, Downes and Nine producer, Jess Lodge, are launching their labour of love to Hannah and her children – a six-part podcast series called Hannah’s Story

The series leaves no stone unturned. Across each episode, listeners are shared details from the weeks and months, even years, leading up to the crime that the public hasn’t been told. Melissa also sits down with Hannah’s family, friends, first responders, witnesses, domestic violence experts and political leaders – some speaking for the very first time – to reveal the whole story… Hannah’s Story. 

Downes explains: “This podcast is a rare opportunity to look at every element of a domestic violence situation – from the relationship, to the crime, through to the coronial inquest.”

Downes with Dr Stephen Rashford

The details will shock you as Downes and Lodge delve into the shameful scourge of domestic violence and coercive control in Australia, with the overarching goal to try and understand what needs to change to protect other women, and men, in abusive relationships, and ensure this never happens again. 

They also hope to help spread the important messages that Hannah’s parents, Sue and Lloyd, advocate through their organisation, Small Steps 4 Hannah.

Hannah’s Story is currently No.2 on Spotify in True Crime and No.6 in Top Podcasts Australia wide. The first two episodes launch on Monday 22 May, with episodes dropping each week. 

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