Nine NBN Newcastle gets ready to moves to its new home

NBN newcastle

• “We have not said ‘Goodbye’ to Mosbri Crescent without paying respect to our history.”

NBN Newcastle is all set to move from Mosbri Crescent to its new HQ at Newcastle’s Honeysuckle Drive on Monday, November 8.

In a note to staff, Jenny Webber general manager at NBN said “The end of an era is certainly close, everything we have worked so hard to achieve at 28 honeysuckle is all coming together!  Rehearsals are going well, our new television station looks and feels amazing, there’s a real buzz happening. The “new” Nine NBN Newcastle is fast becoming a reality!”

Webber also shared a promo for a documentary called Goodbye Mosbri that will be airing across the Network. 

“Like me, anyone who has grown up watching NBN television, will enjoy the beautiful trip down memory lane in our Goodbye Mosbri documentary leading in to our final News broadcast from our much-loved Mosbri Crescent television station at 5:30pm on Sunday, November 7,” wrote Webber.


The Mosbri Crescent location was the centre of production for a variety of programs including Swallows Juniors, Saturday Date, Jackpot Quiz, Travlin’ Out West, Star Quest, Beating Around the Bush, Ask The Leyland Brothers, Poppa Ryan Breakfast Club, Romper Room, and Big Dog and Friends.

From its inception in 1962, NBN News has focused on covering all the triumphs and the tough times. Some of the big stories that NBN News covered over the decades include the Sygna Wreck, Star Hotel Riots, Newcastle Earthquake, Newcastle Knights Grand Finals and when the Pasha Bulka ran aground.

“We have not said ‘Goodbye’ to Mosbri Crescent without paying respect to our history.  The legacy wall on Honeysuckle Drive as you enter the building is a gorgeous reminder of those before us and we have some beautiful memorabilia proudly on display at our new television station,” Webber concluded.

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