Nine to launch a new subscription website for women in 2018

Nine to launch a new subscription website for women aged 25-54

Helen McCabe

Nine has announced it will continue its successful expansion into the women’s lifestyle space with Future Women, a new subscription site aimed at professionals and entrepreneurs.

Launching in 2018, will be a premium destination. It will also offer live events, workshops, great speakers, video sessions, mentoring and access to in-depth research and insights.

“9Honey has exceeded our expectations in the core 25-54 demographic but Future Women represents the next stage of Nine’s digital lifestyle business,” said Helen McCabe, Nine’s Digital Content Director.

“Future Women will target a whole new audience. It includes aspiring professionals, entrepreneurs, businesswomen, students and especially women who have taken time out of the workforce but want to return.

“This is not about age – it is about attitude.”

McCabe said for advertisers, Future Women would offer access to a highly attractive, premium female advertising demographic.

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“Future Women offers the chance to connect with a premium AB audience in a unique and sophisticated environment. But at its core we want to help women find professional and personal success.”

The premium members-only website will have content pillars built around leadership, wealth, health, family and lifestyle.

“The content will be longer in form and curated to be differently to anything currently in the Australian digital space,” McCabe said.

The announcement of Future Women comes less than a year since Nine reinvented its online lifestyle offering in the form of the 9Honey network.

Over the past year, Nine has built out its online offering on 9Honey with a new parenting vertical, 9Mums, highly successful podcasts in the form of Super Mums and Life Bites, and TV/digital segments in the form of 9Honey TV, which provides commentary on major Nine TV franchises such as Married at First Sight, Australian Ninja Warrior and The Block.

“It’s been almost a year since we launched 9Honey, Australia’s leading women’s lifestyle network,” said McCabe. “In that time it has captured online audiences of almost two million Australians a month and offered advertisers a highly attractive and engaged female-skewed audience.

“We see tremendous opportunity to continue building Nine’s engagement with Australian women across a variety of platforms.”

As part of this cross-platform strategy, 9Honey has confirmed that next year on Wednesday nights at 9.00pm it will launch a half-hour chat show around Married at First Sight on 9Life, which will feature behind-the-scenes exclusives, commentary and highlights.

“Over the past year we have seen a real opening for 9Honey to amplify our big 7.30pm television franchises and this new chat show format around Married at First Sight will help us to further own that conversation across all platforms,” said McCabe.

“Whether through Australian Ninja Warrior and Honey Coach, The Block and Honey Homes or Married at First Sight and Honey, our lifestyle network is offering a real and valuable anchor for advertisers and this will continue into 2018.”

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