Nielsen unveils the Biggest Ad Spenders for the first half of 2022


• Clive Palmer’s Group of Companies came in at number six on the list

Nielsen has unveiled its list of the Biggest Ad Spenders for the first half of 2022.

Claiming the top spot is the Australian Commonwealth Government as a result of federal election and covid comeback.

Following behind is the Victorian state government, closely followed by retail giant, Harvey Norman Holdings. 

Ranked fourth is Government NSW, followed by News Corporation. Clive Palmer’s Group of Companies, which largely bankrolled United Australia Party’s political ads, came in at number six on the list.

In at seventh, eighth and ninth respectively is Wesfarmers, Nine Entertainment Co. and Woolworths Group.

Rounding out the top ten is e-commerce retailer, Inc.


Topping the list of Biggest Ad Spenders by industry for the first half of 2022 was retail at $1.155 billion, followed by communications at $540.3 million.

Ranked the third biggest spender by industry was finance with $383.7 million, followed by entertainment and leisure with $317.7 million and motor vehicles $270.9 million.

The Travel and accommodation industry came in at sixth with a spend of $259.6 million, followed by services with $243.3 million and computers at $232.5 million.

In at ninth was the insurance spending $218 million and rounding out the top ten was education and learning with $218 million. 

According to the Nielsen’s list government spend came in at $196.6 million.

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