News DNA launches Biggest Online Shopping Night

Brands involved include,,,,, and

News Digital Networks Australia’s managing director Nicole Sheffield has revealed a major initiative designed to unleash the power of its digital operations with Biggest Online Shopping Night.

Biggest Online Shopping Night is a digital-only event that provides consumers access to exclusive offers and brand discounts from over 250 retailers from midday to midnight on Wednesday 26 October. Celebrating the best of shopping online, Biggest Online Shopping Night gives retailers a proven platform from which to tap into News DNA’s network of brands and in doing so, drive online retail sales.

Nicole Sheffield

Nicole Sheffield

The newly created e-commerce platform uniquely combines the strength and reach of leading lifestyle brands,,,,, and to promote offers to their respective digital and social audiences.

Biggest Online Shopping Night follows the highly successful Vogue and GQ Online Shopping Nights that have proven the model of mobilising engaged digital audiences and driving them to purchase via a shared virtual experience.

Sheffield said: “Our research behind launching this digital event told us that 96% of online shoppers were shopping for themselves. Online shopping is about self-gifting. So with our Biggest Online Shopping Night we’re engaging consumers and delivering them a gift via fantastic offers from fantastic brands.

“We’ve seen incredible success with our Vogue and GQ Online Shopping Nights. The most recent Vogue Online Shopping Night delivered some 200,000 clicks to retailers’ sites alone. I’m excited to see what we can do by delivering this major new event. The event works by using all the talent of our digital networks from classified sales, to product teams, through to our editorial teams who engage our audiences to participate in the event.

“It’s a chance for large, medium and small enterprises to engage with our vast and highly engaged digital audiences to generate sales, acquire new customers and build their membership. As consumers are engaged via their specific passion points, say via fashion from Vogue or homewares through Inside Out,these customers will be highly valuable future consumers to retailers that participate in the event.”

The digital sales event is executed by curating and promoting brand offers and discounts up until Wednesday 26 October and from midday to midnight of that day, promotional codes are released to consumers to redeem their exclusive offers.

Vogue Online Shopping Night has become one of the most important and innovative business strategies behind Vogue’s revenue and digital traffic growth, the biannual e-commerce event began in 2011 and expanded in 2013 to include GQ Online Shopping Night.

A full list of retailers and brands involved in Biggest Online Shopping Night is available here.

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