News Corp denies Coles campaign confusing consumers

• News Corp challenged the commentary this morning

“What a messy weekend for newsagents because of the News Corp promoted Coles Little Shop Mini campaign,” reported newsagent Mark Fletcher on his website.

Fletcher said News Corp aggressively promoted the free offer one the front of the paper, the paper sold in newsagencies.

“FREE TODAY WITH THE PAPER” said the pitch on the front page of the Sunday Herald Sun.

Fletcher continued: “However, it was not free with the paper, not in newsagencies. No, we had to tell shoppers they needed to go to Coles to buy the paper to get the free Little Shop Mini. How ridiculous. News Corp sold newsagents out.

“This is another example of the giant News Corp siding with its mate the giant Coles Corporation, to the detriment of small business newsagents.”

However News Corp challenged the commentary this morning, telling Mediaweek:

“The Coles Christmas Little Shop promotion is a fully funded campaign run by Coles, and the ads clearly advertised that the Coles mini was available at Coles – either on the front page pointer or inside the paper,” said a spokesperson.

“It’s important to note that more than 90% of retail promotions run by News Corp Australia every year support driving business through newsagencies. The most recent retail campaign we ran, the Anzac commemorative coin collection, was through newsagents, and not available in Coles or Woolworths. We ran half page ads on the front of our newspapers to support this retail campaign for newsagencies.

“News Corp will always include newsagencies in our major tent pole campaigns every quarter and we will continue to do so, helping to drive customers and business through their stores.”

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