News Corp’s new “Prayed Upon” docuseries exposes the secret world of cults in Australia

News Corp Australia - The Sunday Mail Queensland - Prayed Upon

“Many months in the making.”

News Corp Australia has released a new docuseries, Prayed Upon, a special investigation conducted by The Sunday Mail in Queensland, that delves into the secret world of cults.

Presenting its findings through a two-part video documentary, podcast, and week-long editorial series, the series sheds light on the disturbing activities of cults and extreme religious groups following months of investigation.

The investigative journey takes viewers on the road with award-winning journalists Kate Kyriacou and Greg Stolz as they expose a currently active cult operating throughout Australia.

The series includes firsthand accounts from survivors who share their stories of escape and survival. Notably, survivors and legal experts are advocating for changes to legislation and oversight to curb cult leaders from exploiting vulnerable individuals.

Anna Caldwell, editor of The Sunday Mail and The Saturday Courier-Mail, and executive producer of The War series by The Daily Telegraph, commented on the significance of the project, saying that it has “been many months in the making with extensive on the ground research.”

Prayed Upon is being featured across News Corp Australia’s state and regional mastheads. Episode two of the documentary, which launches next year, is part of a The Courier-Mail/The Chronicle investigation.

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