Podcast Metrics Demos+ tool launches to drive greater understanding of podcast audiences

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Advertisers will have access to 150 data points, including age, gender and purchase intent.

Triton Digital and CRA have launched Podcast Metrics Demos+ tool to give advertisers a greater understanding of audience data and demographics in a bid to drive investment in the sector.

The service is an extension of Triton Digital’s Podcast Metrics measurement service, which delivers the results for the Australian Podcast Ranker.

It will enable advertisers – as well as publishers in the Australian Podcast Ranker – to access audience profiles and demographic data, giving them insight into the age and gender, purchase history and intent, interests, and media consumption behaviours of their audiences – as well as the number of listeners and downloads. The layer of audience profiling covers 150 data points.

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In partnership with audio research firm Signal Hill Insights, Podcast Metrics Demos+ combines census and survey-based research methodologies to allow for demographics to be produced for podcasts of virtually all sizes.

“The expansion of podcast audience profiles for publishers in the Australian Podcast Ranker marks a significant step forward, building upon the industry’s collaborative and innovative spirit,” said Ford Ennals, CEO of CRA. “The Australian Podcast Ranker has brought a deeper understanding of the podcast market that has facilitated the growth of our industry, and we’re excited for the newly available audience profiling to do the same.”

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“Demos+ podcast listener profiling has already been available to US podcast publishers and has been extremely valuable to the podcast industry there,” said Richard Palmer, vice president of market development at Triton Digital. “Now, we’re excited to be extending our reach together into a market where we’ve already had such huge success with the Australian Podcast Ranker. Alongside our longtime partner, CRA, we are ushering in an exciting new era for the Australian podcast market.”

Announcements are still to come in regards to product updates – including direct agency access and public access to results – in early 2024. 

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