It could be you! Global search for new talent to join BBC Earth presenting team

The successful talent will be flown to the UK and join the BBC Earth team.

BBC Earth has launched a global search for a fresh new presenter who can offer a different perspective on all things natural history and science.

The successful talent will be flown to the UK, where they will join the BBC Earth team to film a four-part YouTube series.

If you’ve never before been a presenter and are:

• Passionate about our planet and all the wonderful things that live on it
• Fascinated in the wider world of science, space or the human race
• Able to communicate your passion with eager and curious audiences all over the world

then you could enter this international search to become BBC Earth’s newest online presenter.

From today, budding presenters can film and upload a short video to either YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, that shows off their unique and creative approach to educational communication, and be in the running to win the opportunity to create content for a BBC Earth YouTube channel.

Entry videos must be submitted by 23:59 (BST) on July 5, 2018. They will be judged on how fresh their approach to science communication is, how clearly the facts can be understood by an audience on the internet and how much of the presenter’s passion comes across in their presenting style.

Top photo: David Attenborough in BBC Planet Earth II (credit: BBC / Ruth Peacey)

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