“More romance than ever before”: Natalie Gruzlewski on Farmer Wants A Wife 2022

farmer wants a wife

• “After 10 seasons, I have seen so many farmers find that spark”

Farmer Wants A Wife is back for another year, with five new farmers ready to follow their hearts and find love. 

Strapping in for the ride are this year’s farmers: Farmer Will, Farmer Paige, Farmer Ben, Farmer Benjamin, and Farmer Harry.

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Farmer Wants A Wife

2022 Farmers

Mediaweek spoke to Farmer Wants A Wife host Natalie Gruzlewski about bringing the show to life.

The format is incredibly popular here and overseas. What do you think it is about Farmer Wants A Wife that keeps audiences coming back to the show? 

“I think people are drawn in by real love. After 10 seasons, I have seen so many farmers find that spark, that joy across the room and make that brave declaration of love, it’s humbling (and addictive!) to watch.”

In Australia, the series has resulted in nine marriages, two long-term relationships and 25 babies. That’s a particularly high success rate for a reality show, why do you think that is? 

“The success comes from the casting process. The singles aren’t applying for the show so much as ‘swiping right’ for their Farmers on the casting website. They choose each other before going on the show.”

What does the show look for when casting the farmers and potential partners?

“As I mentioned, potential partners apply for their farmers and those willing are invited by the farmers to come on the show. Casting for farmers is always about finding the most eligible man/woman of the land who is genuinely looking for love.”

farmer wants a wife

What was it like working with Sam Armytage this season, and what did she bring to the show?

“It’s great to have Sam on board helping with a little secret project on the side. You’ll just have to watch and find out.”

What can viewers expect from this season?

“I can say it’s our most successful season yet with more than one farmer finding love. There is more romance than ever before. The farmers came into this with such an open heart, they were able to form great connections with several singles on the farm. It was an emotional journey for them all to figure out what to do.”

Farmer Wants A Wife: Sunday to Tuesday at 7:30pm on Seven and 7Plus

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