Mountain Dew, VaynerMedia & Golin debut origin story trailer dispelling fan myths

Mountain Dew, VaynerMedia & Golin - Do the Dew Trailer

“Ridiculous and over the top”

Mountain Dew has launched an ad, disguised as a movie trailer, which claims to reveal the origin story behind the iconic drink. 

The 30-second trailer will screen at Sunset Cinema’s Bondi Beach venue ahead of films throughout the summer in a bid to generate hype around the drink. 

Created by VaynerMedia, “Do the Dew: The Untold Tales Behind Mountain Dew”, aims to “set the record straight on the drink’s widely-speculated origin story with a new movie trailer starring social media sensation and podcaster Luisa Dal Din.”

Collaborating with Golin, VaynerMedia and Mountain Dew aim to dispel longstanding conspiracy theories and urban legends related to the drink’s origins that have circulated on social media.

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Susan Press, head of beverages marketing at PepsiCo, noted, “There’s always been an element of mystery when it comes to Dew, and this trailer brings our fans’ best origin theories to life.”

The trailer leans into adventure, action and sci-fI tropes, as it follows an explorer searching for answers about Mountain Dew’s origins, with each scene in the film reflecting a real fan theory.

Yash Murthy, head of creative and consulting at VaynerMedia, remarked on the project, stating, “It’s ridiculous and over the top, but what I love about the work is the story behind it all.”

Murthy commented on the campaign objective as “Sparking real conversations amongst Dew’s social fans and bridging that thirst into a campaign people actually want to watch.”

The trailer will also be accessible on social media.

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