Friday September 27, 2019

How Pacific is growing the New Idea brand digitally and in print

• New Idea Royals and Food have both launched, one more still to come

By Claudia Siron

With magazine circulation and ad revenues dropping in recent years, surviving brands are finding ways to tap multiple revenue streams. Pacific Magazine’s head of entertainment Emma Nolan shared with Mediaweek some of the new brand projects and why the approach towards diversification is critical in the publishing industry.

“New Idea is an incredibly strong brand, and it’s been one of the most successful magazine brands when it comes to diversification on all platforms,” said Nolan.

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From the numbers Nolan has shared with us, the brand seems to be heading in the right direction with strong engagement for their social and digital offerings. “New Idea has a total footprint of just around five million touch points every month across our platforms. Our audience is highly engaged with our content. In August, we reached 1.72 million people and that was 55% growth year on year. New Idea visitors had over 6.84 million page views and 1.5 million video views.”

Nolan told Mediaweek that New Idea has been producing original video every day for the brand extension New Idea Food. Although the publishing industry is definitely turning digital, it doesn’t mean magazine brands need to put everything online when specific content is valued enough. New Idea Food has recently expanded from online to a print offering.

“It gives food lovers 360 degree access to the New Idea Food brand across print, digital and podcasts. The content in the magazine features the best from the New Idea test kitchen and also the most clicked-on food stories from the website,” said Nolan.

“The 116 page print version of New Idea Food offers more than 90 recipes to feed the family and entertain friends; we have step-by-step cooking, masterclasses, quick and easy meals, helpful food hacks and hints, in-season produce ideas and reviews.”

Podcasts have become a popular way to engage existing audiences and draw in new ones. Nolan told Mediaweek the array of podcasts New Idea offers includes New Idea Royals, Real Talk, New Idea Investigates, The Baby Whisperer from Practical Parenting, Trolley Watch, The Flawsome Mum, and their very latest – Ghost Files. “Probably the most successful diversification has been launching the Royal Monthly brand extension – It’s already smashing circulation,” said Nolan.

Nolan revealed how New Idea decides on what topics should be made into podcasts: “We have a really clear idea of the content which captivates our audience, and that’s everything from crime to reality TV to parenting to ghost stories. Probably our most popular podcast is New Idea Royals.”

Nolan added there are a lot of plans instore for the brand. “We are launching another bi-monthly print magazine – but it’s too early to talk about that yet. We’re also planning an upgrade to the digital experience for our website. The aim is to optimise the user experience and revenue by removing friction and focussing on the right benefits.”

Nolan added that although a lot of the content has moved online, magazine covers are still very important. “Magazine covers are still critical to drive sales with our print product. Australian women buy a copy of New Idea every three seconds, providing mass reach of scale to a highly engaged audience.”

Adspend: SMI forecasting ad market return to growth in October

Australia’s media Agency market looks set to move back into positive territory in October and enjoy a strong bounce in ad spend in 2020 following the current market weakness, according to Standard Media Index forecasts.

The news came as SMI released the first combined view of the Australian and NZ media agency advertising markets, revealing the value of advertising inventory sold in both countries totalled A$8.1 billion in 2018/19 and has grown by 19% or $1.28 billion in the past 10 years.

The figures were included in SMI’s first Trans Tasman Ad Spend report, which was created to mark SMI’s 10 year anniversary this month and was launched at an industry breakfast in Sydney this week.

SMI AU/NZ managing director Jane Ractliffe said numerous advertisers invested in media in both countries, so the report was created as a key reference tool to make it easier for agencies and their clients to understand the changes in advertising demand and media share mixes across both markets.

“Of all the countries in which we publish ad spend data the Australian and NZ media markets are the most similar, but at any time there’s never complete uniformity so this report provides a top line view of the common trends,” Ratcliffe said.

And so far this year both countries are also reporting lower advertising demand for the first eight months of this year, with the AU market back 4.9% and the NZ market back 0.5%. In NZ, monthly ad spend fell for 12 consecutive months but has now moved back to growth in the past three months.

“It’s clear in our empirical data that extended periods of lower advertising demand are followed by strong bounces as business confidence recovers and pent up demand leads to bursts of above- average advertising expenditure,” Ractliffe said.

“If you look at SMI’s global ad spend data from 2010, in that year the US advertising market grew by 18%, the UK market by 10%, the NZ market by 11% and the Australian market by 17% as they all bounced back from periods of low demand.”

Ractliffe added the Australian market was through the worst of the downturn having recorded 11 consecutive months of lower demand and next week’s final August results would lift that number to 12.

“Now the only question is when will the bounce-back begin, and our forecasts indicate that will happen before year-end and possibly as soon as October,” Ractliffe said.

“The recent tax cuts, an expected cut in interest rates and the fact that October 2018 was a month of weak demand (back 7.7% on October 2017) all combine with SMI’s own forecasts to deliver a month of higher advertising expenditure,” she said.

SMI also released its first Product Category ad spend forecasts at the event which showed that of the categories spending more than 30% of their media budgets in Q4 three of the largest – Retail, Home Furnishings, Clothing/Fashion Accessories and Consumer Electronics – were all likely to grow their Q4 ad spend against the same period last year.

SMI’s forecasts show that in the year to December Retail ad spend will grow 1.4%, Home Furnishing/Appliances ad spend will lift 0.7%; ad spend from the Clothing/Fashion Accessories advertisers will be up 1.5% and the value of ad investment by Consumer Electronics advertisers will be up 3.8%.

Nova Entertainment appoints new Perth program director

Nova Entertainment has appointed Dave McClung (pictured) as Nova 93.7 program director in Perth. He takes over the role from Dan Underhill who was poached earlier this year by Gary Roberts for the position of 96FM content director.

With extensive radio experience, across multiple markets and roles, McClung joined Nova 919 in 2006 as assistant music director in Adelaide. The following year he returned home to Perth to take up the role of assistant music director.

Over the next 11 years his career progressed from music director to the dual programming role of assistant program director and work day announcer. In November 2018 McClung moved to Sydney to take up his most recent role as Nova 96.9 operations manager.

Paul Jackson, Nova Entertainment’s chief programming and marketing officer said, “We are delighted to appoint Dave as program director for Nova 93.7. He has a thorough understanding of the Perth market as well as the Nova on air and programming team locally and around the country. Over the past 13 years, Dave has gained extensive programming experience, across multiple roles within the business in Perth, Sydney and Adelaide. He is highly respected by the Perth team and is a great example of our focus on internal development and promotion. We look forward to Dave taking on this new challenge and leading the Nova 93.7 programming team.”

McClung will commence in the role on October 28. 

TV Guide: AFL Grand Final 2019 Richmond Tigers v GWS Giants

• How many viewers will it take to break AFL Grand Final record?

In the 29 AFL Grand Finals held since electronic measurement was introduced for FTA TV ratings data in 1991, Richmond has played in one, winning the Premiership in 2017.

In that same period GWS Giants played in none of course, having only entered the competition in 2012. They have played plenty of finals over the past couple of years though ahead of their first Grand Final appearance this weekend.

Teams from outside of Victoria have a huge impact on audience numbers. A team from outside of the state has featured in 19 of the last 29 Grand Finals.

Five times in the past 19 Grand Finals the combined national audience passed 4,000,000 average viewers – the most recent in 2016 for the Bulldogs v Sydney. Sydney played in four of those five matches.

In those years the metro viewing audience has passed 3,000,000 three times, the most recent also in 2016 for the Bulldogs v Sydney game.

The biggest regional audience was 1,234,000 for the Collingwood v Brisbane game in 2003. The regional audiences have passed 1,000,000 five times, the last time also for that Bulldogs v Sydney match.

The biggest Sydney crowd watching an AFL Grand Final was 991,000 in the 2005 match against West Coast. The following year when both teams were again in battle the number dropped to 759,000.

Biggest TV crowd for AFL Grand Final
2005: 4,443,000 for Sydney v West Coast
(Metro 3,386,000, Regional 1,057,000)



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Mercado on TV: A-grade reality hits to B-grade bogan nonsense

• In Seven’s big reality week there’s room for a new drama too

By Andrew Mercado

Seven’s big reality shows this week, The All New Monty: Ladies Night (Sunday) and The Real Dirty Dancing (Monday and Tuesday), have more than a few things in common. Both are based on hit movies about dancing, hosted by Todd McKenney, include cancer awareness (testicular, breast, pancreatic) and then climax with a huge performance at Sydney’s Enmore Theatre.

After two versions with men stripping, now it’s The All New Monty: Ladies Night (Sunday on Seven) and it’s an obvious next step for a property that has already been a movie, play, musical and reality TV series. The Full Monty seems in no danger of slowing down and neither does Dirty Dancing, a franchise that includes a TV spin-off series, movie sequel, telemovie remake, stage musical and several reality TV versions.

The latest is The Real Dirty Dancing and it is heaps of fun, thanks to a really likeable bunch of celebrities. Most are fans of the classic flick (or in the case of AFL legend Jude Bolton, married to one) and therefore get a big kick out of recreating classic movie moments and learning some real dirty dancing. Taking everyone to the original movie location in Virginia, US, makes this about as authentic as you can get.

If those are the A-grade reality hits, then Bride and Prejudice: The Forbidden Weddings (Wednesday on Seven) is B-grade bogan nonsense. It’s predictable, badly acted, and the only thing I took from it was that neck tattoos seem to be on the rise.

New Aussie drama Secret Bridesmaids’ Business gets off to a much better start with three episodes in a row (Sunday to Tuesday on Seven). Think Big Little Lies but in a Mornington Peninsula vineyard, with another sisterhood (led by Abbie Cornish) uniting to fight a creepy guy (Alexander England). It’s slick and quite the slow burn, but only if you can get past the unconvincing sex scenes.

Saskia (Katie McGrath), a bisexual lawyer with an ever-changing accent, picks up a tattooed Asian chick at a fast food van and takes her home for a shag in the bath. It’s rare to see lesbians on Seven, but maybe that’s because they a) have always been a little coy in this area and b) maybe not quite over the great scandal of 2009, when The Daily Telegraph got outraged about two girls kissing on Home and Away.

It’s taken a long time for two girls to kiss again, but Willow (Sarah Roberts) wasn’t into it … or was she? Given Zoe Ventoura is Summer Bay’s new doctor, let’s hope she doesn’t just end up helping everybody without getting a love life. And let’s hope Dr Alex isn’t one of those lesbians that just needs a good man (or River Boy) to set her straight.

gogglebox australia returns
TV Ratings Analysis: September 26

• NRL, not AFL, will decide the week’s primetime ratings win
• The Front Bar’s Mick, Sam and Andy get over half a million
• Best of the rest: Gogglebox, RBT and Escape from the City

Thursday Week 39 2019

By James Manning

 • Seven News 896,000/884,000
• Nine News 706,000/737,000
• A Current Affair 590,000
• ABC News 615,000
• 7.30 507,000
• The Project 235,000/394,000
• 10 News First 330,000
• The Drum 178,000
• SBS World News 133,000

Breakfast TV

• Sunrise 275,000
• Today 189,000


Home and Away wrapped its week with 561,000 after 578,000 on Wednesday.

The Front Bar went out live in southern markets and an hour later at 9.30pm in Sydney and Brisbane. The program was broadcast from the Espy hotel and had hosts Mick, Sam and Andy hosting guests upstairs with the rock band Picket Palace working their magic downstairs. One of their tunes was about Matthew Richardson who joined them onstage. They then closed the show with a tune about Andy Maher who also joined them onstage. Nova’s Fitzy was enjoying the back half of his week in Melbourne with a spot on The Project on Wednesday and then he appeared on The Front Bar with Giants supporters. The episode did 526,000 with 324,000 in Melbourne, close to what The Footy Show did in that market on Wednesday. The Front Bar Grand Final edition last year did 228,000 in Melbourne.


After five nights of week 39, Nine is trailing Seven 20.4% to 21.2% in primary share, and 28.0% to 30.1% in combined channel share. However Nine could be well-placed for a weekly win with NRL Preliminary Finals in primetime Friday and Saturday. The Saturday game featuring the Storm, which should boost Melbourne numbers.

While the AFL still thinks fans won’t take to a night-time or even twilight Grand Final, Nine will also get the NRL Grand Final in primetime on Sunday next week.

Last night A Current Affair was just under 600,000 followed by RBT on 497,000.

Medical ob docs followed in some markets with Paramedics on 183,000 and Kings Cross ER on 151,000. Other markets saw the Brad Pitt war movie Allied.


Gogglebox kept 10 in double figures with 558,000 watching after 759,000 a week ago with a better lead-in. It still managed to rank #1 under 50 and all key demos.

Earlier in the night The Project was on 394,000 followed by Jamie’s Ultimate Veg on 334,000.


Escape from the City has been an unsung hero for the channel on Thursdays with week-after-week audiences on or above 400,000 on a night where big crowds are hard to find. Last night the episode visited the south coast of NSW with 415,000 watching.

A Vera repeat then did 302,000.


Going Places with Ernie Dingo completed its current season with 142,000 after 7.30pm.

Gourmet Farmer lifted the audience slightly to 142,000.

The numbers then again lifted ever-so-slightly to 147,000 for Inside Kensington Palace.

Week 39 TV: Thursday
ABC Seven Nine 10 SBS
ABC 12.4% 7 22.0% 9 16.3% 10  11.9% SBS One 3.9%
ABC KIDS/ ABC COMEDY 3.2% 7TWO 4.2% GO! 3.3% 10 Bold 4.0% VICELAND 1.0%
ABC ME 0.7% 7mate 3.7% GEM 2.3% 10 Peach 2.4% Food Net 0.9%
ABC NEWS 1.6% 7flix 2.2% 9Life 2.4%     NITV 0.3%
    7Food 0.8%         SBS World Movies 0.5%
TOTAL 17.9%   32.9%   24.4%   18.2%   6.6%


ABC Seven Affiliates Nine Affiliates 10 Affiliates SBS
ABC 12.4% 7 18.5% 9 14.8% WIN 9.8% SBS One 3.5%
ABC KIDS/ ABC COMEDY 3.3% 7TWO 5.8% GO! 3.5% WIN Bold 4.1% VICELAND 1.4%
ABC ME 0.9% 7mate 5.4% GEM 4.0% WIN Peach 1.9% Food Net 1.1%
ABC NEWS 1.0% 7flix (Excl. Tas/WA) 3.2% 9Life 2.7% Sky News  on WIN 1.7% NITV 0.3%
    7food (QLD only) 0.6%            
TOTAL 17.6%   33.5%   25.0%   17.5%   6.3%


86.2% 13.8%
  1. Seven News Seven 896,000
  2. Seven News / Today Tonight Seven 884,000
  3. Nine News 6:30 Nine 737,000
  4. Nine News Nine 706,000
  5.  ABC News ABC 615,000
  6. A Current Affair Nine 590,000
  7. Home And Away Seven 561,000
  8. Gogglebox 10 558,000
  9. The Front Bar Seven 526,000
  10. 7.30 ABC 507,000
  11. RBT Nine 497,000
  12. The Chase Australia Seven 487,000
  13. Escape From The City ABC 415,000
  14. Hot Seat Nine 410,000
  15. The Latest: Seven News Seven 401,000
  16. The Project 7pm 10 394,000
  17. Jamie’s Ultimate Veg 10 334,000
  18. 10 News First 10 330,000
  19. The Chase Australia-5pm Seven 307,000
  20. Vera (R) ABC 302,000
Demo Top 5

16-39 Top Five

  1. Gogglebox 10 160,000
  2. Seven News Seven 102,000
  3. Seven News / Today Tonight Seven 101,000
  4. RBT Nine 96,000
  5. Home And Away Seven 89,000


18-49 Top Five

  1. Gogglebox 10 267,000
  2. Seven News / Today Tonight Seven 194,000
  3. Seven News Seven 188,000
  4. The Front Bar Seven 185,000
  5. RBT Nine 178,000


25-54 Top Five

  1. Gogglebox 10 299,000
  2. Seven News / Today Tonight Seven 249,000
  3. Seven News Seven 242,000
  4. Nine News 6:30 Nine 225,000
  5. The Front Bar Seven 221,000
THURSDAY Multichannel
  1. Bluey AM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 169,000
  2. Ben And Holly’s Little Kingdom AM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 147,000
  3. Father Brown PM 7TWO 141,000
  4. Hawaii Five-O 10 Bold 140,000
  5. Peppa Pig AM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 137,000
  6. Fireman Sam AM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 135,000
  7. Bananas In Pyjamas AM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 134,000
  8. Andy’s Wild Adventures ABCKIDS/COMEDY 134,000
  9. Dinosaur Train ABCKIDS/COMEDY 133,000
  10.  NCIS (R) 10 Bold 132,000
  11. Kiddets AM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 132,000
  12. Rusty Rivets ABCKIDS/COMEDY 130,000
  13. Qi ABCKIDS/COMEDY 129,000
  14. School Of Roars AM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 124,000
  15. A Touch Of Frost PM 7TWO 122,000
  16. Little Princess AM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 122,000
  17. Survivor: Island Of Idols 9GO! 119,000
  18. Peppa Pig PM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 119,000
  19. Spicks And Specks ABCKIDS/COMEDY 114,000
  20. Olobob Top AM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 114,000
  1. Live: RWC: Eng V Usa FOX SPORTS 503 75,000
  2. Live: RWC Pre Game: Eng V Usa FOX SPORTS 503 56,000
  3. Live: AFL 360 FOX FOOTY 53,000
  4. Family Guy FOX8 45,000
  5. Live: RWC: Ita V Can FOX SPORTS 503 43,000
  6. Love It Or List It Australia Lifestyle Channel 42,000
  7. Credlin Sky News Live 41,000
  8. The Bolt Report Sky News Live 41,000
  9. Butterbean’s Cafe Nick Jr. 40,000
  10. Family Guy FOX8 39,000
  11. Paw Patrol Nick Jr. 39,000
  12. Border Security: Australia’s Front Line FOX8 38,000
  13. Paul Murray Live Sky News Live 38,000
  14. Blaze And The Monster Machines Nick Jr. 37,000
  15. Peppa Pig Nick Jr. 36,000
  16. Live: NRL 360 FOX LEAGUE 36,000
  17. Live: The Late Show With Matty Johns FOX LEAGUE 36,000
  18. Love It Or List It Australia Lifestyle Channel 36,000
  19. Law & Order: SVU UNIVERSAL TV 35,000
  20. Blue Bloods TVH!TS 35,000

Shares all people, 6pm-midnight, Overnight (Live and AsLive), Audience numbers FTA metro, Sub TV national
Source: OzTAM and Regional TAM 2018. The Data may not be reproduced, published or communicated (electronically or in hard copy) without the prior written consent of OzTAM

Media News Roundup

Business of Media

Michael Hickson leaving SBS for The Comms Department

Although Bec Brown’s growing PR business The Comms Department is still very much all about girl power, the gender balance has adjusted ever-so-slightly with the announcement that it has recruited a male executive.

That recruit is Michael Hickson who is departing SBS.

Based in Sydney, Hickson will be bringing his extensive PR and corporate comms skills and expertise to The Comms Department’s high-profile media, entertainment, travel and lifestyle clients.

Michael Hickson

Hickson was formerly Corporate Communications Manager at SBS, and has worked in London in various consumer PR roles at the BBC, and agencies Premier and Borkowski.

Previous clients have included Celebrity Big Brother, Comedy Central, Carnival Films, NBC Universal, MTV, TV icons Teletubbies, The Hospital Club, Churchill, Virgin Active Health Clubs, Virgin Media and many more.

The Comms Dept [L-R]: Tina Liptai, Bec Brown, Shaheeda Chelat and Kylee Pryor

Hickson will begin at The Comms Department on October 7.

The NT News V Queensland: Raising the Northern Territory’s profile

The NT News this week triggered a war of words with key Queensland rivals after taking out mega-wraps in The Courier-Mail, Cairns Post, Townsville Bulletin and Toowoomba’s The Chronicle.

The campaign, on behalf of the NT Government, is designed to raise the Northern Territory’s profile in Queensland and boost its economic and population growth in an acceleration of the NT News’s strong advocacy for its region.

The three-page wrap included an ambush of the NT News’s rivals’ front pages, dominating them with a copy of the NT News superimposed on top and the headline “Special Report: NT Calling” to spark the battle for northern Australia.

Another two pages are dedicated to the “boundless opportunities” the NT offers to those Queenslanders willing to be swayed by the offer, and includes details of the major infrastructure work underway to enhance the NT’s liveability as well as a note from NT News editor, Matt Williams.

Renee Sycamore, general manager at News Corp Australia’s newsamp business, said the campaign reflected the specialised skills of the team and how harnessing News Corp. Australia’s news brands and tapping into their natural competitiveness leads to strong client outcomes.

“This campaign leverages the long-held rivalry between Territorians and Queenslanders, especially in Queensland’s far north. Our mastheads are equally competitive and are superb advocates for their regions. The campaign really revels in this rivalry and is designed to get people talking.

“Our Queensland editorial teams are already hitting back on morning television with the NT defending its position.

“This campaign is also a clear demonstration of the type of seamless solutions newsamp provides clients by combining News Corp Australia’s highly engaged audience network with our content expertise and data intelligence.”

Sycamore said the campaign was centred on transforming people’s misconceptions about the Northern Territory, highlighting the abundance of career opportunities and lifestyle options on offer. 

NT News editor Matt Williams said: “The Northern Territory is poised to capitalise on its huge potential. As the most influential media organisation in the NT, it is our duty to promote the Territory as a wonderful place to live, work and play. Home to some of the world’s most iconic tourism destinations, the Territory is also a place that offers incredible career opportunities.

“This why today we are using our well-known masthead and saying to Queenslanders looking for a career and lifestyle change, we want you.”



Byron Bay vibes power WILD Universal Media magazine launch

Universal Media Group has this week launched a new title that comes to readers via Byron Bay – WellBeing WILD.

He publisher has said the title is targeted to millennial women, claiming WellBeing WILD is something new on the publishing landscape. “The younger sister of WellBeing magazine, WILD is a journal for positive living.”

A branding statement from Universal said: The WellBeing WILD Mindset – Pragmatic Positivity.

The publisher added: “WellBeing WILD is a new publication for the curious – the thought leaders, belief shakers, paradigm shifters and paradise creators.”

Editor Kate Duncan explained, “WellBeing WILD is for those going against the grain, swimming upstream, standing boldly in the arena, asking the hard questions and doing the prickly work – on themselves and the way they create their lives.”

Duncan added the new title gives a voice to a generation that, “works hard to create a life filled with purpose, passion and freedom. This is a WILD life.”

She noted that while news media obsesses over smashed avocado stereotypes, the spending power of millennials grows each year.

WILD readers are forming households, developing careers, having babies and building lives that integrate lessons from the past with how they visualise their future,” said Duncan.

“They want to find paradise – within themselves and in their day-to-day lives – and will work hard until it happens. WellBeing WILD is for those who resist the status quo and believe wholeheartedly in change, doing everything they can to create it. It’s for those who embrace the murky unknown, despite how uncomfortable it might make them feel. Ultimately, WILD exists to awaken the energy inside of you that inspires you to take action.”

WellBeing WILD is the creation of Kate Duncan, an entrepreneurial media professional who lives and works from a home studio in Byron Bay. She has worked as a photographer and writer and has spent seven years at WellBeing.

WellBeing WILD is available in Australia and New Zealand for RRP $12 in newsagencies, airport retail, Coles stores and online.

News Brands

Swedish newspaper stops taking adverts from fossil fuel firms

A Swedish newspaper has announced it will stop taking advertising that promotes fossil fuel-based goods and services with immediate effect, reports The Guardian.

The editor of the daily Dagens ETC said the decision was “crucial for our credibility”. He urged other media outlets to consider doing the same.

The ETC, which launched in 2014, is a daily paper and online newspaper. Its editor-in-chief, Andreas Gustavsson, said the decision was taken by the owner, the board, the marketing department and the 25 editors and reporters on its staff.

He said the decision would hit the paper’s finances. “But I am also convinced that this will prove to be a wise decision in the long term,” said Gustavsson.

Dagens ETC, based in Stockholm, has about 10,000 daily subscribers and more than 60,000 unique readers a week, according to Gustavsson. Its funding comes from a mixture of reader subscriptions, advertising and the government support offered to papers across Sweden.

[Read the original]

Sports Media

US-based fan club: Pimco bond titans buy into GWS Giants

Meet the mystery American bond traders who are in charge of hundreds of billions of investor dollars globally, but have quietly been putting their own millions into the GWS Giants, reports The Australian’s John Stensholt.

Market gurus and Pimco executives Dan Ivascyn, the Boston-born “bond prince”, and New York-based Marc Seidner will both be in Australia by Saturday morning in time to see the Giants clash with Richmond in the AFL grand final at the MCG.

The sports-loving pair maintain an extremely low profile when it comes to their passion for Australian rules football, but are understood to have also backed the Giants financially and become an integral part of the club’s off-field operations.

That has extended to having close relationships with Giants president Tony Shepherd and chief executive Dave Matthews, and coach Leon Cameron. They are also, accordingly to one AFL insider, a “significant” part of the group of anonymous corporate supporters who have stumped up $2.5m annually to buy naming rights for the club’s home ground, known as Giants Stadium since the beginning of the year.

“It is important to say what they are doing is sports philanthropy and is on their own and not with their company’s brand attached to it,” GWS president Tony Shepherd told The Australian.

“They have fallen in the love with the game, and with the team, and we are blessed to have these sort of people involved with the Giants.”

[Read the original]


The 'ogre' behind the microphone: in the studio with Alan Jones

Alan Jones is known more for his sharp-tongued rants on radio than his sense of humour. Nevertheless, when he emerges after the first hour on-air at Macquarie Media’s studio in the Sydney suburb of Pyrmont the first thing he says is a joke, reports Jennifer Duke.

“Here comes the ogre,” he says. “Are you surprised I don’t have horns?”

It’s just after 6am and The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age have been invited into Jones’ inner sanctum ahead of an extensive interview. It comes as the 78-year-old 2GB presenter endures the most turbulent year in his career to date.

One change in the weeks since his comments about Ardern is the introduction of extra “dump” buttons in the studio by the radio network’s management.

These bright red icons on several computer monitors allow producers to take advantage of a seven-second delay and stop damaging material from going to air. A review of 2GB is still underway, which the producers say so far involves reminding everyone in the team of their responsibilities when it comes to inappropriate content.

[As to his relationship with Nine management, Jones said:]

“I would have had two conversations with [chairman] Peter Costello this year because I think both of us regarded that was proper. I’ve had one conversation with [Nine chief executive] Hugh Marks.

“I’m under contract and everything here but if I left tomorrow it wouldn’t affect me,” he says. “I’m well off. I can manage … But I do feel a high sense of responsibility to the people around here [who have mortgages and children].

“That’s the one thing I never think about … I’ll be as bored as all hell.”

[Read the original]

Triple M Network to celebrate Aussie Music this October

The Triple M Network is to deliver another month celebrating Aussie music with the return of Oztober across all stations including Triple M Aussie on DAB+.

Each day of October, Triple M will celebrate the greatest hits from Aussie artists.

Australian music icon Dave “Gleeso” Gleeson from The Screaming Jets will be hosting a daily show, divulging in the untold stories from the Australian music world and rehashing legendary gigs on the Oztober Lunch across the national Triple M Network.

Triple M’s head of music Mickey Maher said: “For almost 40 years Triple M has proudly supported Australian artists and their music. From the icon heritage names like Jimmy Barnes, Paul Kelly and AC/DC to more recent and newer Australian acts like Amy Shark, Dean Lewis, Kingswood and Tori Forsyth.

“Oztober amplifies all that is great about Australian music; the stories, the songs and the artists behind them.”

The month-long celebration will conclude with an epic Oztober Garage Session hosted by Triple M in Melbourne. Australia wide, the Triple M Network will be giving its audience the chance to win tickets to the ultimate Aussie experience with exclusive live performances.

The Aussie greats who will be joining the 2019 Garage Session will be The Angels, Baby Animals, Diesel and Boom Crash Opera.

For a chance to win an exclusive invitation to the Oztober Garage Session, listen to Triple M throughout the month of October. Winners will be announced daily on national drive show, Kennedy Molloy.

Gold’s Christian O’Connell tests the passion of Tigers and Giants fans

Melbourne’s biggest Tigers fan, Stratos Antinou from Meadow Heights, and biggest Giants fan, Kieran Grey from Hallam, are about as bold as they come, with the two men agreeing to a proposal from Gold’s Christian O’Connell to wrap every single panel of their cars in their teams colours, with a message declaring them as the Premiers, and driving around Melbourne… before the Grand Final was decided!

The catch is – the owner of the losing team’s car is stuck with his car wrapped for at least a week after the Grand Final – opening him up to all kinds of bizarre reactions as he goes about his daily life in Melbourne post-finals.

The two men proved their dedication when they called into Gold 104.3’s Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show earlier this week, as it reached out to listeners to find the Tigers and Giants fan willing to Put Your Colours Where Your Car Is and go where no one else would go for their team. Stratos and Kieran were the clear winners.

Stratos’ and Kieran’s vehicles were taken away for 24 hours to be wrapped by Wrap Studio and Metamark, and returned to them last night.

Stratos and Kieran had the opportunity to drive their newly wrapped cars down to Nine’s Live Grand Final Footy Show broadcast from Rod Laver Arena, doing a few laps to the amazement of onlookers, and giving the Gold breakfast show some wonderful exposure.

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