Thursday April 8, 2021

Podcast Week
Podcast Week: Steve Price’s Australia, The Barefoot Investor, Spotify ads

Compiled by Trent Thomas

Audioboom partners with Mapp Media, ARN, Adam Liaw’s podcasting future, Good Assassins: Hunting the Butcher, and Ken Sutcliffe on Trailblazers.

Steve Price tells Podcast Week about live broadcasting with LiSTNR

Steve Price is back in daily radio, joining SCA’s LiSTNR platform as the podcasting network joins the talk radio space, going head-to-head with Nine Radio’s 2GB and 3AW.

Price will host a new daily live-streamed 7am-10am show, to be heard exclusively on the LiSTNR app.

Australia Today with Steve Price is being branded as the country’s first digital audio live-to-air conversation and it launched this week.

Price will share the airwaves with journalist Natarsha Belling who joined LiSTNR last year as the host of the daily breaking news program Your Daily Agenda.

Mediaweek’s Trent Thomas spoke with Price for Podcast Week about his latest career move and what does this innovative new show mean for the radio and podcasting sectors.

Price said that he had been talking to SCA CEO Grant Blackley and SCA chief content officer Dave Cameron for three years with the conversations starting when he was still at 2GB.

“They talked to me about moving over and starting a talk show on one of the DAB+ stations that they have because they felt like they were cannibalising themselves a bit with music on all of those stations so they were going to free one of those up to do talk. And it morphed into a more adventurous proposition when we decided that we would live stream it.”

Price said that one of the appeals of moving to SCA was the company’s decision to follow the Netflix model and put all its audio content through the one digital portal.

“When you consider the number of people that now jump into their car and hit the bluetooth button and listen to podcasts, it just seems to make sense.”

Is this the future of podcasting?

Price said that the reason that he and LiSTNR are doing the show live before breaking it into three smaller podcasts each day, is that it is the future of audio.

“Southern Cross Austereo really deserves a pat on the back for investing in something new. So many media companies these days are cutting costs, sacking people, and finding ways to do things cheaper.”

Asked if he thought his 3AW and 2GB audience would follow him over, Price said that he doesn’t care who the listeners are as long as people tune in.

“The live streaming aspect of this is much more important than the digital station. LiSTNR has been pushing everyone to live stream the program for three hours every day, and our ambition is to get as many people as possible to sign on to that.”

Price said that while Nine has stepped away from national broadcasting and sees its future as live and local, his show is national and accessible.

“We are not out there doing time calls, temperature and traffic or any of those other trademarks of traditional AM radio, that is not of interest to us. People are not listening to us to find out how to avoid an accident or if it’s raining.

“We are a truly national conversation. The program’s DNA is opinion, not news. If there is breaking news, we will talk about it but everything that we do is going to be based around opinion.”

Featuring a broad spectrum of guests

While the first episode featured Tom Tilley and Peter Gleeson, Price said that the show won’t be right or left-leaning, describing it as a broad church.

“I had all types of guests at 2GB and 3AW and I don’t want to pigeonhole the show as being left or right, what we are trying to do is have a common-sense discussion about issues.”

Working with a familiar face

The show will be produced by Thomas Blake who has been a talkback radio producer for 14 years at 2UE and 2GB where he worked with Price for nearly five years.

“He is just a very talented producer and has great contacts. He stresses about the show as much if not more than me.”

Steve Price Off the Record 

Price told Podcast Week his new role means that the long-form interview podcast that he launched last year, Steve Price – On the Record, won’t be returning.

“I have gone from leaving 2GB at the end of 2019 to doing vanity projects like On the Record, I like doing those longer-form interviews, but I am now concentrating on the people that pay me.

“I have a five-day-a-week three hours a day radio show, I’m doing a weekly column for the Herald Sun in Melbourne, and I am on The Project twice a week, so I will be concentrating on that from now on.”

[Listen to Australia Today with Steve Price]

ARN release first Neuro Lab research

ARN’s Neuro Lab has released its first piece of research, Sound You Can See. The study was the first of its kind to show how the brain processes radio, podcasting, and music streaming as fundamentally different products, which offer advertisers unique opportunities to promote their brands across each medium.

The research gives advertisers a closer look at how a consumer’s brain responds to different audio formats, as well as what happens when advertising is placed within them. 

This first go-to-market piece of research measured attention, engagement, attitude, and memory by mapping brain activity of people engaging with both audio content and advertising. The brain processes radio, podcasting, and music streaming differently and using neuroscience the researchers were able to get an extended view of how listeners connected with the different audio formats by analysing over 40,000 data points every second.

The Sound You Can See research found:

• Radio had an unrivalled ability to engage listeners, and do so for extended periods (60% more neural engagement than other audio formats), keeping the brain ‘on its toes’.
• Podcasting provided an environment primed for high levels of memory encoding.
• Music streaming’s relative strength was creating strong positive attitudes towards brands. 

[Read More]

New true-crime podcast Good Assassins: Hunting the Butcher

From Diversion Media and iHeartRadio comes a new weekly true-crime podcast series called Good Assassins: Hunting the Butcher. Hosted by best-selling author and journalist, Stephan Talty (A Captain’s Duty, The Black Hand), the 12-part anthology series is part spy thriller, part detective case.

Good Assassins: Hunting the Butcher is the podcast version of Talty’s latest book, The Good Assassin, and tells the untold story of the secret mission to hunt down a savage, escaped Nazi murderer. Led by a Mossad agent who lost his parents in the Holocaust.

Talty brings the story to life using interviews with the Butcher’s victims, the relatives of the Israeli agents, and ex-spies themselves, revealing for the first time this little-known chapter of Holocaust history and the pulse-pounding undercover operation that brought The Butcher to justice.

The first two episodes were released on April 2, with new episodes going up every Friday. 

[Listen to Good Assassins: Hunting the Butcher]

The Barefoot Investor’s best

Scott Pape is better known as The Barefoot Investor to the close to 1.7m Australians who have bought a copy of either of his two books. Pape also has the best-selling audiobook in Australia and on April 28, the three-part special Scott Pape’s Money Movement launches on Foxtel.

Pape doesn’t have his own podcast, despite offers from leading platforms, but he is a podcast listener. Just what he listens to was revealed in his newsletter this week.

Here Podcast Week shares some of the series on his list.

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Planet Money

Right now we’re living through a giant monetary experiment of historically low rates and money-printing that affects every one of us — whether we understand it or not. Planet Money does an amazing job of explaining it all in simple terms.

Best episode: ‘Bond Voyage’

Cautionary Tales

Tim Harford is a brilliant economist who writes for The Financial Times in the UK. Yet he’s also worked out what most economists haven’t: most people learn best through stories. Harford’s podcast Cautionary Tales is very good at telling fascinating (and frightening) stories that ultimately help you make better decisions.

Best episode: ‘Buried by the Wall Street Crash’

No Feeling Is Final

Trust me, you haven’t heard a podcast like this. Honor Eastly offers up an audio memoir which takes you to the depths of her depression and subsequent psychiatric hospitalisation. It’s raw, heartfelt and addictive. It’s not the easiest thing to listen to, but that’s the point.

Best episode: All of them. There are some rude words, though, so you don’t want to play it in the car with the kids.

Adam Liaw enjoyed his taste of Podcasting

Last year Adam Liaw hosted a six-part podcast series called Adjust The Contrast. Created by mortgage aggregator FAST Group and The Royals, Adjust The Contrast explored diversity from all angles and made the case for how diversity impacts organisations.

the cook up

Mediaweek’s Tess Connery spoke to Liaw for Podcast Week about his experience hosting the show, and whether he’d be open to working on another podcast like that.

“I really enjoyed the process of making that with FAST and the whole team at The Royals who helped put that together. It was really a fascinating discussion on diversity and the benefits of diversity. I think diversity is a subject that people hear about an awful lot but we often don’t look at it in terms of the benefit it can bring to an organsation. So that was really the focus for Adjust The Contrast. I thought the guests that we had – everyone from Elizabeth Broderick to Tanya Hosch – really helped me to clarify my understanding of how diversity can be useful to organisations.

“I’d love to do more of something like that, it was a really fascinating project that I think a lot of people got a lot of benefit from.”

Ken Sutcliffe discusses his life and career on the Trailblazers Podcast

The latest episode of the Trailblazers Podcast with Tim Gilbert gives an insight into TV host Ken Sutcliffe’s life and career.

Gilber and Sutcliffe discussed his 50-year media career, his childhood growing up in Mudgee, his retirement in 2016, and how he overcame being a shy kid to become an iconic TV personality. 

“Most people don’t get to enjoy their whole working life like I did. I did more than I ever thought was possible,” Sutcliffe explained.

From modest beginnings in the central-western New South Wales town of Mudgee, Sutcliffe talks about his rejections early on in radio, and how it led him to apprentice as a barber, which is where he learned to converse with people from all walks of life. Sutcliffe honed his skills in regional radio and television before joining the Nine Network in 1979.

[Listen to Trailblazers with Tim Gilbert here]

Spotify Podcast Ads now available in Australia

Spotify is creating a new way for advertisers to make the most of podcasting and providing an opportunity to reach valuable and engaged audiences, with the announcement that Spotify Podcast Ads are now available in Australia.

Podcast Week

Spotify Podcast Ads offer the intimacy of traditional podcast ads, with the precision and transparency of modern-day digital marketing. Powered by proprietary Streaming Ad Insertion (SAI) technology, which Spotify announced in 2020, Spotify Podcast Ads deliver and report on confirmed ad impressions rather than downloads, as well as reach and frequency, and with this new level of digital insight, advertisers are equipped to make even more data-driven decisions for their podcast campaigns. 

Historically, a lack of clear and equivalent measurement has prevented podcast advertising from truly taking off like its digital media counterparts. This is because podcast content is still largely downloaded via RSS feeds — which limits the advertiser’s visibility into whether their ad was actually heard. But the shift in consumption from downloads to streaming has opened the door for advances in data-driven podcast advertising. 

Advertisers can purchase Spotify Podcast Ads on a title-by-title basis – running their creative across preroll, midroll, or postroll ad placements within the show’s episodes. Select hosts across these shows, as well as a network of professional voice talent, can also team up with advertisers to help bring their podcast creative to life on Spotify.

Audioboom Partners with Mapp Media

 Audioboom has announced a strategic partnership with MAPP Media to expand podcast monetization in the UK. MAPP Media will monetize Audioboom’s impression-based inventory, delivering new value through scaled Dynamic Ad Insertion opportunities to a portfolio of more than 8000 podcasts.

MAPP Media’s sales platform will deliver revenue through a second window sales model, while Audioboom’s in-house team will continue to focus on the premium model of high engagement, embedded, host reads. The combined strategy will optimise advertising revenue and create maximum value for Audioboom’s original podcasts and production partners.

Podcast Week

News Corp
News personalisation sees News Corp give subscribers power over their home page

By James Manning

‘This is a game changer in that we have never done anything like this at News Corp’

News Corp Australia’s state-based mastheads recently unveiled the latest initiative that sees subscribers to its titles around Australia get a new level of control over what they see in their news feeds.

The new personalisation capability is being rolled out across the company’s websites, mobile sites and, in the weeks ahead, the apps of the state-based, regional and community mastheads.

See also: News Corp announces Australia-wide personalised local news content

“We have now rolled out personalisation for the web products – desktop and mobile. The new apps go live later in April,” News Corp Australia’s chief technology officer Julian Delany told Mediaweek.

Just last November, Delany explained to Mediaweek how the publisher was using The Advertiser in Adelaide as the prototype for a major redesign of the digital properties attached to its state-based metro newspapers. The new look was subsequently rolled across digital properties Australia-wide.

See also: News Corp new look: Julian Delany on revamps of digital metro mastheads

The personalisation features can be activated by just a couple of clicks subscribers can make on their homepages.

“You can experience localisation through the postcode widget and personalisation through the news feed,” said Delany.

“These two things are working hand in hand. When I spoke to you in November and I told you about working with consumers and asking them all sorts of questions. There were four big themes that came out.

“The first one was that they wanted to be able to trust these brands.

“The next one was that users wanted a seamless experience across devices from web to app.

“The third theme was discoverability. There is so much content, they want to be able to discover it.

“The last one was personalisation. We linked these last two by creating this technology by letting users control the news they see on their home page. Personalised news and localised news is the way we can do it.

“For example if I am a Herald Sun reader, but I follow the NRL. I can now have NRL news on the home page of the Herald Sun. That hasn’t been possible before.”

The benefits that Delany is describing are available for subscribers on the websites of the cap city mastheads Herald Sun, The Daily Telegraph, The Courier-Mail and The Advertiser.

What about the national daily? “The Australian doesn’t have all this at the moment, but does have some capabilities. It is on our road map to eventually offer this to subscribers of The Australian.”

news corp

Personalisation: How it works

Delany: “Underneath the website we have rebuilt all of the code. Our strategy is to have all of our sites on the one codebase so we can mimic different capabilities and get things onto all sites a lot faster. That would mean we don’t have to continually rewrite code for each site.

“This is a real gamechanger in that we have never done anything like this at News Corp. The level of personalisation is very impressive.

“This also enables us to serve up our regional content a lot easier, particularly for regional subscribers. For example, someone living in Coffs Harbour in regional NSW, all of a sudden those subscribers get Coffs Harbour news and Daily Telegraph news all in one spot. That allows us to show off our network.”

Delany noted there is still a lot of curating going on by the publishers, with the top main stories on the site going to all users. “Then people can ask us what the news of the day is according to their preferences and location.”

News alerts

The arrival of Covid has changed the perception of news alerts, with more users now wanting to know when decisions are made that impact their suburbs and states. “We currently can alert subscribers by either a newsletter alert or an alert into their mail inbox. There are also alerts on the apps, but they will be even better when we go live with our new apps.

“We see the alerts as a way of bringing users directly to our brands. Direct traffic is more value than search or social traffic because people are more engaged.”

Importance of newsletters

Delany: “The range of newsletters we publish are now more important than ever. They are a reflection of the brand as well. The newsletters are almost becoming the front page.” Combined, News Corp mastheads sends out a staggering number of newsletters every week.

Consumer-led innovation

“Although it seems obvious, it is worth stressing that all of the tech and product solutions that we have talked about in the past five months all start with the consumer. Although we have done that to an extent in the past, we are really focusing on that now. You can be blinded at times and think you might have nailed something first time, but that is not necessarily always the case.

“This is just the beginning. We will keep pushing our digital product capabilities.”

The publisher engages with consumers via both quant and qual research. “We have increased the amount of qualitative research we have done in the last 12 months. You can misinterpret the way someone answers a question. But during qualitative we can probe why they answer something that way.”

Delany said virtual qualitative research during Covid has made it easier and more cost-effective.

Website redesigns: ‘We got it pretty right’

Regarding the redesign of the various masthead websites at the end of 2020, Delany said: “We got it pretty right. We got some feedback about the amount of sports stories on the home pages. We subsequently added another row of sports stories for people wanting a little more. We realise a lot of our readers still go to the home page to navigate.”

Delany indicated his team review all feedback they get an act according to its merits to make sure the websites can be the best they can possibly be. “We also lifted the font size a small amount after we launched in Adelaide initially. It can be a tricky thing to get right – the size of the front.”

Delany doesn’t want to talk about site relaunches as a “project”. “It is a program of work, it never stops. You can’t launch a site, leave and then do it again in three years. We keep engaging with readers and clients for feedback, continually asking for their opinions.”

drag race down under
Stan announces RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under to air May 1st

Celebrity guest appearances will be announced soon.

Stan today announced that the Stan Original Series RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under will be airing Saturday, May 1st.

This 8-part series will be the first time there has been a local version of the franchise here in Australia. RuPaul himself will be hosting, with Michelle Visage and Australian comedian Rhys Nicholson by his side on the main judging panel. Celebrity guest appearances will be announced soon.

The 10 Aussie and Kiwi queens competing to be Australia’s first ever Drag Race Superstar were revealed live at the 2021 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

The queens who will be racing down the runway soon are: Anita Wigl’it (Auckland, NZ), Art Simone (Geelong, VIC), Coco Jumbo (Sydney, NSW), Elektra Shock (Auckland, NZ), Etcetera Etcetera (Sydney, NSW), JoJo Zaho (Newcastle, NSW), Karen from Finance (Melbourne, VIC), Kita Mean (Auckland, NZ), Maxi Shield (Sydney, NSW) and Scarlet Adams (Perth, WA).


When the series was first announced, Nick Forward, Stan chief content officer, said “You asked for it Australia, and now we’re bringing it to you – finally, our very own Aussie Drag Race, the new Stan Original Series RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under! The series is already a huge hit with our audience, so to now be working with RuPaul and the entire team at World of Wonder to create a local version is beyond a thrill. We can’t wait to reveal all the guest judges and see what our local queens bring to the global sensation that is RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

Host RuPaul, said: “I cannot wait for everyone to see that Down Under queens have some of the biggest charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talents in the world. Thank you to Stan and TVNZ for providing a platform for these outrageous drag artists to share their heart, soul and humour.”

Stan Original Series RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under will premiere 1 May, only on Stan, with new episodes weekly. All previous seasons of the RuPaul’s Drag Race franchise are available to stream now on Stan.

discovery leadership
Discovery appoints ANZ leadership team to manage growing TV assets

Discovery has had a presence in Australia and New Zealand for more than 25 years.

After completing its acquisition of New Zealand FTA TV broadcaster MediaWorks last December, Discovery Inc has announced its Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) Leadership Team, its first move towards combining its businesses across the region into one organisation spanning both countries.

Discovery ANZ has appointed the following leadership roles:

Darren Chau – Senior Director, Production, ANZ
Juliet Peterson – Senior Director, Programming, ANZ
Donna Gurney – Senior Director, Ad Sales, ANZ
Sarah Bristow – Senior Director, News, NZ
Michelle Cole – Senior Manager, Trading, ANZ
David Gwynne – Director, Commercial Partnerships & Ops, ANZ
Gab Ayoub – Director, Creative and Branding, ANZ
Shannon Most – Senior Director, Marketing & CSR, ANZ
Karina Healy – Senior Manager, Corporate Communications, ANZ

Rebecca Kent (pictured), General Manager, Australia & New Zealand said:

“As the first step in moving to a single trans-Tasman organisation, we are delighted to announce our leadership team today. This team will be key in driving increased scale across our free-to-air, pay TV and direct-to-consumer portfolio, as we continue to evolve our business to meet changing demands and better serve our audiences.”

Glen Kyne, General Manager, New Zealand & Australia, said:

“We are focused on driving growth for our region as we realise the full value of our portfolio of brands, enabling us to deliver premium news and entertainment content to our audiences as well as enhanced solutions for our advertisers. Our team of leaders are well placed to deliver on these goals as we drive the continued success of our brands and unlock new opportunities across both markets.”

Discovery has had a presence in Australia and New Zealand for more than 25 years, when it first launched Discovery Channel on Foxtel and Sky. The New Zealand portfolio includes free-to-air channels, Three, Bravo, Choice, HGTV, Three+1, Bravo+1, The Edge TV and The Breeze TV, streaming service ThreeNow, multi-platform news and current affairs service Newshub and seven pay TV brands – Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, Food Network, Living, Investigation Discovery and Discovery Turbo on Sky.

Discovery Australia’s portfolio includes eight pay TV channels across Foxtel and Fetch – Discovery Channel, TLC, Investigation Discovery, Animal Planet, Discovery Turbo, HGTV, Food Network and Travel Channel, free-to-air channel 9Rush, a partnership with Nine Entertainment Co, and golf streaming service GOLFTV.

See also: Discovery, Inc completes MediaWorks TV Ltd acquisition

MasterChef Australia
MasterChef Australia to air 7:30pm Tuesday, April 20 on 10

MasterChef Australia is produced by Endemol Shine.

MasterChef Australia season 13 will launch on Tuesday, April 20th at 7.30pm on 10. 

Judges Jock ZonfrilloMelissa Leong and Andy Allen return to the MasterChef kitchen ready to work with the country’s next generation of contestants as they battle it out for the title of MasterChef Australia and a cash prize of $250,000. 

In 2021, MasterChef Australia guests will include some of the world’s most renowned chefs including Nigella Lawson, Yotam Ottolenghi, Heston Blumenthal, Massimo Bottura and Clare Smyth, all set to challenge the top 24 contestants. 

Plus, homegrown names including Curtis Stone, Kirsten Tibballs, Darren Purchese, Alla Wolf-Tasker, Scott Pickett, Poh Ling Yeow, Callum Hann and Reynold Poernomo return to the kitchen. 


The first batch of contestants announced to be heading into the kitchen this year are: 

Brent, who says that his cooking is just like his face – not refined at all. He grew up eating meat and three veg, so he’s a 100% self taught cook.

Kishwar, who comes from a big family of cooks, and makes Bengali food that has been passed down from generation to generation. She takes a bit of creating license with it, however.

Minoli, who lost her sense of taste at 31. It’s slowly returned, but the experience gave her a whole new insight and appreciation for food and flavour.

Therese, who is part Burmese, part Taiwanese, and part Chinese, and loves cooking French pastry. 

And Elise, who loves feeding people, and wants to make people happy with beautiful food.

MasterChef Australia is produced by Endemol Shine. In a statement about the filming conditions of season 13 and how they comply with Covid regulations, the production company said:

“On the set, changes have been made to the spacing of cooking benches and additional sinks have been added as dedicated hand washing stations. Crew and contestants have limited physical interaction with each other, temperatures are checked daily, and masks are worn at all times when not on camera.”

MasterChef Australia premieres Tuesday, 20 April at 7.30pm on 10 and continues Wednesday and Thursday nights. 

parent up
ABC, Screen Australia, and Screen NSW announce Parent Up

Parent Up will be filmed in Sydney.

ABC, Screen Australia, and Screen NSW today announced that production is underway on the ten-part children’s comedy-adventure series, Parent Up.

Created by Justine Flynn (The Unlisted) and produced by Angie Fielder & Polly Staniford at Aquarius Films (The Unlisted, The Other Guy, Dirt Music), Parent Up follows siblings Yu Na and Min Park who want more excitement in their ordinary lives but end up getting way more than they bargained for in a high-stakes secret mission. Yu Na and Min don’t realise just how crazy things can become once they discover that their once unremarkable parents are actually international spies on a mission.

Introducing young stars Hannah Kim as Yu Na, Ocean Lim as Min, and Lulu QuirkGeorge Holahan-Cantwell, Alex Kis and Eduard Geyl as their outlandish group of friends embroiled in the action, Parent Up also stars Danny Kim (The Unlisted), Julia Yon (The Surgeon) and Nicholas Hope (Operation Buffalo).

Justine Flynn is showrunner, heading up a diverse team of cross-disciplinary creatives lending their voices to this unique and exhilarating children’s series. Flynn will direct alongside Nicholas Verso (Nowhere Boys), Chase Lee (Mother), Darlene Johnson (The Heights), Hyun Lee (Asian Girls) and Neil Sharma (The Unlisted).

The series is written by Flynn, Tiffany ZehnalTristram BaumberMichelle Lim DavidsonMelissa Lee SpeyerUndi LeeDavid ParkAlice McCredie-DandoSophia Cheung and Hyun Lee. Series producer Naomi Just (The Unusual Suspects) will be working alongside Fielder and Staniford.

Justine Flynn said, “I am very excited to be making this series with such a fantastic team. Hoping the kids of Australia get a good belly laugh out of each episode.”

Libbie Doherty, ABC head of children’s production said, “Parent Up is a totally awesome balance of comedy and spy action in the hands of an amazing award-winning production team. Shot in Sydney, and introducing a dynamic, new, culturally-diverse cast that speaks directly to our multicultural ABC ME audience, we believe that Parent Up will be a massive hit with our audience.”

Grainne Brunsdon head of Screen NSW said “Screen NSW is proud to support this dynamic and action-packed children’s comedy series Parent Up, which brings together creator Justine Flynn and Aquarius Films, to deliver an adventurous series I know will entertain and engage young audiences.”

Jessica Ellis, ABC commercial’s head of content sales & distribution said, “We are looking forward to adding this fabulous new live action series to our international distribution catalogue. ABC Commercial is renowned for our high-quality children’s content, so this series from such an experienced and successful creative team is a perfect addition to our slate.”

Angie Fielder & Polly Staniford said, ‘We’re thrilled to be working with Justine Flynn and the ABC again on another fantastic series. We’ve assembled an incredible creative team both in front of and behind the camera and are excited to be giving emerging directors Chase Lee and Hyun Lee their first TV credits, working alongside more experienced directors across the series. Parent Up is an action-packed comedy that we hope parents will also enjoy watching with their kids and we can’t wait to see our ensemble cast of sensational young actors shine on screen.’

Parent Up will be filmed in Sydney.

TV Ratings Survey: Wednesday Week 15

By Trent Thomas

• Nine #1 and Married at First Sight has 1.10m tune in as brides and grooms return
• ABC has another strong Wednesday thanks to Hard Quiz, The Weekly & Fisk

Primetime News
Nine News is 971,000 (6 pm)/933,000 (6:30 pm)
Seven News 933,000 (6 pm)/884,000 (6:30 pm)
ABC News 679,000
10 News First 369,000(5 pm)/265,000 (6pm)
SBS World News 171,000 (6:30 pm)/129,000 (7 pm)

Daily current affairs
A Current Affair 771,000
7:30 556,000
The Project 286,000 (6:30 pm)/438,000 (7 pm)
The Drum 186,000 

Breakfast TV
Sunrise 245,000
Today 212,000
News Breakfast 199,000

Late Night News
The Latest 260,000
ABC Late News 108,000


Nine won last night as it continues its strong performance in 2021. The broadcaster had a primary share of 26.1% and a network share of 35.0%.

Married at First Sight had 1.10m viewers last night as the brides and grooms gathered back together for men’s and ladies nights as the social experiment begins to wind down. The most notable moment of the episode came when Melissa received some concerning information about her husband Bryce and another woman that he has been talking to outside of the experiment. This was up on last weeks episode which had 1.003m.

Nine’s Aussie drama Amazing Grace had 433,745 tune in for the shows sixth episode which was up on last weeks 382,000.

New Amsterdam followed with 160,000 which was up on last weeks 70,000.

Nine also had the #1 news broadcast last night with 971,000 (6:00 pm) and 933,000 (6:30 pm) viewers.


In the 7:30 time slot last night, Seven aired a repeat of Highway Patrol which brought in 346,000 viewers and was then followed by Ambulance: Code Red with 184,000.

The top non-news program on Seven last night was Home and Away which had 560,000 viewers.


10 aired its second episode of The Cube for the week with 299,000 tuning in as father and son team Charlie and Tiano returned to continue their pursuit of the $250,000 prize. This was up on Tuesday night’s episode which had 272,000.

On The Project, 286,000 (6:30 pm) and 438,000 (7:00 pm) watched as the show discussed the missing vaccines and were joined by Damien Power and Judith Lucy.

10 Bold was the #1 multichannel with 4.1% thanks to NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles.


ABC’s comedy line up has continued to perform well with Hard Quiz leading the way with a robust 653,000, this was down on last week’s season high of 740,000.

This was followed by The Weekly with Charlie Pickering which had 543,000 viewers, this was down on last week’s 575,000. The episode featured Tony Armstrong and Frank Woodley.

After The Weekly, was Kitty Flanagan‘s Fisk which aired its fourth episode. The comedy series continues to perform well with 561,000 viewers tuning in. This was down on last week’s episode which had a season-high of 594,000.


On SBS the top rating show last night was a repeat of Tony Robinson’s History of Britain with 203,000.

Week 15: Wednesday
ABC14.2%716.5%926.1%10 8.7%SBS One4.3%
ABC KIDS/ ABC TV PLUS2.8%7TWO2.8%GO!2.5%10 Bold4.1%VICELAND1.3%
ABC ME0.5%7mate2.5%GEM3.1%10 Peach2.7%Food Net0.8%
ABC NEWS1.3%7flix1.4%9Life2.3%10 Shake0.7%NITV0.1%
    9Rush1.1%  SBS World Movies0.4%
TOTAL18.7% 23.2% 35.0% 16.1% 7.0%


ABCSeven AffiliatesNine Affiliates10 AffiliatesSBS
ABC14.7%717.2%918.7%WIN7.2%SBS One4.1%
ABC ME0.9%7mate2.8%GEM5.2%WIN Peach3.1%Food Net0.7%
ABC NEWS1.5%7flix (Excl. Tas/WA)1.6%9Life2.5%Sky News  on WIN2.2%NITV0.2%
        SBS Movies0.5%
TOTAL20.2% 26.3% 30.0% 17.3% 6.2%


Wednesday FTA
  1. Married At First Sight Nine 1,100,000
  2. Nine News  Nine 971,000
  3. Nine News 6:30  Nine 933,000
  4. Seven News  Seven 933,000
  5. Seven News At 6.30  Seven 884,000
  6. A Current Affair  Nine 771,000
  7. ABC News  ABC TV  679,000
  8. Hard Quiz S6  ABC TV  653,000
  9. Fisk  ABC TV  561,000
  10. Home And Away  Seven 560,000
  11. 7.30  ABC TV  556,000
  12. The Weekly With Charlie Pickering  ABC TV  543,000
  13. The Chase Australia  Seven 456,000
  14. Hot Seat  Nine 445,000
  15. The Project 7pm  10  438,000
  16. Amazing Grace  Nine 433,745
  17. 10 News First  10  369,000
  18. Highway Patrol Special (R)  Seven 346,000
  19. The Front Bar  Seven 305,000
  20. The Cube 10  299,000
Demo Top Five

16-39 Top Five

  1. Married At First Sight Nine 261,000
  2. Nine News  Nine 124,000
  3. Nine News 6:30  Nine 121,000
  4. The Project 7pm  10  116,000
  5. Seven News  Seven 100,000


18-49 Top Five

  1. Married At First Sight Nine 491,000
  2. Nine News  Nine 236,000
  3. Nine News 6:30  Nine 225,000
  4. The Project 7pm  10  203,000
  5. Seven News  Seven 180,000


25-54 Top Five

  1. Married At First Sight Nine 539,000
  2. Nine News  Nine 279,000
  3. Nine News 6:30  Nine 271,000
  4. The Project 7pm  10  242,000
  5. Seven News  Seven 233,000
Wednesday Multichannel
  1. NCIS (R)  10 Bold  163,000
  2. Bluey  ABC Kids/ABC TV Plus 159,000
  3. The Adventures Of Paddington  ABC Kids/ABC TV Plus 155,000
  4. Remy & Boo  ABC Kids/ABC TV Plus 151,000
  5. Floogals  ABC Kids/ABC TV Plus 145,000
  6. Bluey  ABC Kids/ABC TV Plus 143,000
  7. Hey Duggee  ABC Kids/ABC TV Plus 141,000
  8. Peppa Pig  ABC Kids/ABC TV Plus 140,000
  9. Bananas In Pyjamas  ABC Kids/ABC TV Plus 134,000
  10. Peter Rabbit  ABC Kids/ABC TV Plus 126,000
  11. NCIS: Los Angeles (R)  10 Bold  126,000
  12. Neighbours  10 Peach  126,000
  13. Ben And Holly’s Little Kingdom  ABC Kids/ABC TV Plus 121,000
  14. School Of Roars  ABC Kids/ABC TV Plus 121,000
  15. Kiddets  ABC Kids/ABC TV Plus 120,000
  16. The Wonder Gang  ABC Kids/ABC TV Plus 120,000
  17. Peppa Pig  ABC Kids/ABC TV Plus 119,000
  18. Play School  ABC Kids/ABC TV Plus 118,000
  19. Love Monster  ABC Kids/ABC TV Plus 118,000
  20. Octonauts  ABC Kids/ABC TV Plus 116,000
Wednesday STV
  1. Gogglebox Australia  Lifestyle Channel 162,000
  2. Credlin  Sky News Live  75,000
  3. Grand Designs Australia  Lifestyle Channel  57,000
  4. The Bolt Report  Sky News Live  53,000
  5. Live: NRL 360  FOX LEAGUE  53,000
  6. The Kenny Report  Sky News Live  51,000
  7. Paul Murray Live  Sky News Live  51,000
  8. Abby Hatcher  Nick Jr.  44,000
  9. Abby Hatcher  Nick Jr.  42,000
  10. Paw Patrol  Nick Jr.  40,000
  11. Live: AFL 360  FOX FOOTY  40,000
  12. Top Wing  Nick Jr.  39,000
  13. Matty Johns Face-To-Face  FOX LEAGUE  38,000
  14. Ready Set Dance  Nick Jr.  36,000
  15. Paw Patrol  Nick Jr.  36,000
  16. Alan Jones  Sky News Live  36,000
  17. Top Wing  Nick Jr.  35,000
  18. Paw Patrol  Nick Jr.  35,000
  19. Blaze And The Monster Machines  Nick Jr.  35,000
  20. PML Later  Sky News Live  34,000

Shares all people, 6pm-midnight, Overnight (Live and AsLive), Audience numbers FTA metro, Sub TV national
Source: OzTAM and Regional TAM 2021. The Data may not be reproduced, published or communicated (electronically or in hard copy) without the prior written consent of OzTAM

Media News Roundup

Business of Media

Lachlan Murdoch’s Fox Corp in legal dispute with Sportsbet owner Flutter

The Murdoch family’s US focused media business Fox Corporation is suing the owner of prominent wagering brands Betfair and Sportsbet in a dispute over the fast growing fantasy sports and betting website FanDuel, reports SMH‘s Zoe Samios.

The legal action, launched in New York overnight, highlights chief executive Lachlan Murdoch’s focus on digital sports betting assets and comes amid intense speculation the company is considering a push into the Australian online wagering market.

In a case filed with New York’s Judicial Arbitration and Mediation Services, Fox Corp argues it should be able to buy an 18.6 per cent stake in the unlisted FanDuel at an US$11.2 ($14.6) billion valuation – the same price at which Flutter upped its take in the business in December.

Flutter disagrees and says Fox should pay a market price to increase its stake in the business which offers fantasy sports and horse betting products. FanDuel has been linked with a sharemarket float in the US.

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Ben Roberts-Smith: Newspapers obtain ‘additional’ material in alleged war crimes defamation case

Fresh evidence from a witness known as Person 18 could be introduced to support news articles alleging Australia’s most decorated living soldier committed war crimes while serving in the Middle East, a court has heard, reports News Corp’s Heath Parkes-Hupton.

Victoria Cross recipient Ben Roberts-Smith is suing The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and The Canberra Times, and three journalists, for defamation over a series of articles published in 2018.

The Federal Court heard on Wednesday that discussions with Person 18 had revealed ­“additional aspects” of evidence that the former-Fairfax papers want to rely on at trial in June.

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Teen Vogue names Danielle Kwateng as new executive editor

Teen Vogue has named a new executive editor, less than a month after the embattled magazine parted ways with its former editor, Alexi McCammond, who was found to have used anti-Asian slurs on social media, reports The Guardian’s Adam Gabbatt.

Danielle Kwateng introduced herself as the new executive editor of Teen Vogue in a post on the company’s website on Wednesday, writing that the magazine “plan[s] to evolve with our readers, because we can’t be the young person’s guide to saving the world without you”.

Kwateng has worked at Teen Vogue for two years, as the magazine’s entertainment and culture director.

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Fremantle appoints independent review of Neighbours

Fremantle has announced an independent review of Neighbours following statements made by Indigenous actors Shareena Clanton and Meyne Wyatt, reports TV Tonight.

Chris Oliver-Taylor, CEO Fremantle Asia Pacific, said: “Fremantle is committed to providing an environment where employees and others in the workplace are treated fairly and with respect, and are free from unlawful discrimination, harassment, victimisation and bullying.”

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Netflix announces Byron Baes, the platform’s first Australian reality show

Netflix has announced its first Australian reality show with Byron Baes, a docu-soap following the lives of influencers living in the Australian coastal town of Byron Bay and the surrounding areas.

Netflix is yet to announce the line up of influences who will be making up the cast of the show, or an airdate. Rumours have already started to fly, however, with Australian model Elyse Knowles (The Block) tipped to join the show.

Whoever ends up making the cast, the show promises fights, flings, and heartbreak all set against the backdrop of one of Australia’s most famous beach backdrops.

Byron Baes will be produced by Eureka Productions for Netflix. The executive producers for the show will be Emma Lamb (Married at First Sight Australia, The Real Housewives of Sydney), as well as Julian Morgans and Rachel Tuffery, co-founders of Superreal.

Chris Culvenor, Co-CEO of Eureka Productions said that the show had all the components needed to be an addictive series for viewers.

“With a compelling cast, spectacular settings and some truly addictive drama, Byron Baes has all the binge-worthy ingredients. Eureka is thrilled to be working with Netflix on this love letter to one of the world’s most perfect playgrounds.”


Radio legend John Brennan was remembered as a godfather of the airwaves who helped shape the careers of many stars

Broadcasting legend John Brennan was remembered as one of Sydney’s most revolutionary radio figures who helped shape the career of some of the country’s biggest media stars, reports News Corp’s Sophie Elsworth.

The 89-year-old was dominant in the TV and radio industry for more than 60 years and played a pivotal role in helping media identities such as John Laws, Alan Jones, Mike Walsh and Stan Zemanek become household names.

Radio personalities including present and former 2GB radio hosts Jones, Ben Fordham, Ray Hadley and Chris Smith were among those who attended the funeral at St Mary’s Cathedral in the CBD.

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Chris Lilley makes comeback with new comedy project after race controversy

Australian comedian Chris Lilley has launched a podcast that pokes fun of woke culture almost a year after Netflix dropped a handful of his television programs amid criticism of his portrayal of non-white characters, reports SMH‘s Broede Carmody.

The audio series re-acquaints audiences with Ja’mie King, the melodramatic private schoolgirl character who first became a household name in Lilley’s 2005 mockumentary We Can Be Heroes: Finding the Australian of the Year.

We Can Be Heroes was one of four shows to be removed from Netflix’s catalogue last year, along with Summer Heights High, Angry Boys and Jonah from Tonga. Lilley was accused of using blackface to portray an African-American rapper named S.mouse and brownface to play Tongan schoolboy Jonah Takalua. The four shows originally aired on the ABC between 2005 and 2014.

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Sports Media

Racing Victoria hunting CEO for new integrated media business chief executive Andrew Catterall will have to reapply for his job as Victorian racing’s most senior media executive as the industry reorganises its media assets including form guide Best Bets and the Winning Post magazine, reports SMH‘s Damien Ractliffe.

The new media executive will oversee all the assets under the one umbrella.

Dubbed an “integrated media business” (IMB),’s free-to-air television station and digital platform will join Best Bets, Winning Post and photography business Racing Photos under one banner.

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