Meta unveils partnership with Melbourne Skydeck using the metaverse


The experience will be amplified through ads across Facebook and Instagram to encourage people to see it for themselves

Meta has announced its partnership with Melbourne Skydeck to transform the in-person attraction into an online experience.

Melbourne Skydeck used the company’s VR tech, ad solutions and the metaverse to draw in new audiences to the attraction.

It is one of the first instances of an Australian tourism company utilising this tech, resulting in an immersive virtual reality platform building on Melbourne Skydeck’s existing augmented and virtual reality offering through the use of WebXR technology accessible from anywhere in the world on any mobile or desktop device.

The experience will be amplified through ads across Facebook and Instagram to encourage people to see it for themselves across mobile, desktop and VR headsets.

While the concept of the metaverse is very much in the early stages of development, like the internet, it is set to be an immersive platform connecting people across the globe.

Exploring the possibilities of the metaverse is a natural evolution for Melbourne Skydeck, where a multi-million-dollar redevelopment boosted the attraction’s offering, turning it into an augmented and virtual reality mecca.

From December 15, users are invited to access the free online platform via Melbourne Sky Deck, or directly via Melbourne Sky Deck VR, dip their toes into the metaverse and discover Melbourne in another dimension.
Don’t Believe In Style (DBIS) developed the platform by animating 3D virtual reality models of the Melbourne Skydeck logo, Positron Voyager VR ‘pod’ chair and even the Eureka Tower, with a high level of detail.
Utilising a 360° image by Melbourne photographer Andrew Griffiths, and the experiences within Melbourne Skydeck adds another layer of interactivity to the platform. Preview the Voyager Theatre VR film and browse a virtual art gallery exhibiting photos from Jim Zapsalis, a well-known Melbourne photographer who exhibits under the social media moniker, ‘Walking Perspective.’
Wade Stokes
, digital marketing performance manager at Journey Beyond, operator of Melbourne Skydeck, said: “Meta builds technologies to advance social connection, and we’re thrilled that Melbourne Skydeck is one of the first tourism brands to explore this space with Meta and navigate the growth of extended reality solutions.”
“By collaborating with Meta, we have the opportunity to connect Melbourne Skydeck with people across the world and introduce them to the Voyager Theatre, The Edge, and of course, the Melbourne skyline.”
Harry Lowes
, director global business group mid-market, Meta ANZ, said: “Melbourne Skydeck have pushed the limits in launching an immersive experience to reach a new generation of customers. We’re proud of our partnership and thrilled that our platforms will amplify this experience to new customers around Australia and the world and help boost the local tourism industry.”
Users can log into the free platform to explore real-life visuals and discover hidden ‘easter eggs’ to learn facts about Melbourne and the surrounding area. Find the 3D model of Eureka Tower to go into the draw to win a double pass to Melbourne Skydeck valued at $160.

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