LiSTNR launches season nine of Bedtime Explorers Magic Glasses

Bedtime Explorers Magic Glasses - LiSTNR

New episodes of the beloved children’s podcast help them see the world through a positive lens of hope

LiSTNR has released a brand-new season of the beloved children’s meditation podcast, Bedtime Explorers Magic Glasses.

The new episodes help children see the world through a positive lens of hope. With their imaginations and ‘magic glasses’, little explorers will discover wonderful possibilities in a magic garden, a flying car and a hidden door to another world.

The multi-award-winning Bedtime Explorers podcast, renowned for helping children drift into a peaceful night’s sleep, has been downloaded more the 20 million times and is loved by children and families all around the world.

In each episode mindfulness coach, Amy Taylor-Kabbaz guides young imaginations to visit magical places, discover animals, help friendly dinosaur buddies or float through space to visit the moon, planets and stars. Using easy-to-learn meditation techniques like balloon breathing, flying through colours and breathing with the waves, little ones are soon feeling relaxed and ready for sleep.

Evan Kaldor, LiSTNR Original Podcasts head of kids entertainment and parenting, said: “Our children’s content is designed to help families as they move through their daily and nightly routines.

Consistent and reliable sleep routines remain a major issue for families with young children and in this new season of Bedtime Explorers, children’s imaginations and their magic glasses will take them to wonderful places and help them discover a world of possibilities and hope,” he added.

Listen to season nine of Bedtime Explorers Magic Glasses now, exclusively on LiSTNR, here.
Earlier this month, LiSTNR announced its new strategic podcast partnership with DM Podcasts.
LiSTNR will be the exclusive sales representative for DM Podcasts in Australia, bringing its stable of created and curated Australian podcasts to LiSTNR.
As part of the strategic podcast partnership, DM Podcasts will be hosted and distributed by LiSTNR – Australia’s fastest growing digital audio destination.
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