Meltwater data dashboard reveals social and news commentary about The Voice referendum


The data found the Yes campaign has over half of the share of voice than the No campaign

Data from the Meltwater visualisation dashboard has revealed the upcoming referendum has found that the Yes campaign is building momentum, receiving a much higher volume of activity than the No campaign over the past 30 days.

The data, which was drawn from a custom-built Meltwater data visualisation solution, tracks and unifies real-time data insights from multiple sources on The Voice referendum.

It found that overall, the Yes campaign has over half of the share of voice than the No campaign, with X (Twitter) showing the greatest disparity with more than two thirds of mentions and more than double the rate of engagement than the No campaign.

Meltwater - The Voice Australia - Key Spikes

The Voice Australia – Key Spikes


Share of Voice by Mentions – Social, News and Broadcast


Share of Voice by mentions – Twitter


Share of Vote – Yes Vote No by Social Channel YTD

The ‘Voice Dashboard’, which was developed by Meltwater, a global leader in media, social and consumer intelligence, tracked data across news, broadcast, and social media channels in Australia and globally to capture the share of voice and engagement of the Yes and No campaigns, as well as trending themes, key opinion leaders’ positioning and key moments in the lead up to the referendum.

Harnessing Meltwater’s suite of AI-powered solutions – Explore, Engage, Klear, Radarly and Owler, 4.86 million mentions across social media, online news, broadcast and print articles published since 1 January 2023 were analysed in real-time to uncover key insights on The Voice referendum.

Mentions of Vote Yes vs Vote Not campaigns across social, broadcast and news – last 90 days

Mentions of Vote Yes vs Vote No campaigns across social, broadcast and news – this year

Meltwater - Ross Candido

Ross Candido

Ross Candido, VP ANZ, and SEA at Meltwater said: “During this significant time in Australia, we have created a unique tracker for The Voice referendum which uses Meltwater’s AI-integrated suite of solutions to sift through all the conversations across news and socials to capture conversations and  perspectives on this issue.”

Based on analysis provided through the dashboard, overall conversations about The Voice to Parliament have increased over 50% compared to the previous 30 days, with the Yes campaign seeing much higher volumes of conversation than the No campaign.

Meltwater’s tracking also found that the Yes campaign has 802K engagement – up by 55% – compared to the No campaign which has less than half of the Yes campaign’s engagement (311K) over the last 30 days.

The Voice Mentions Trend by State YTD

The Voice Mentions Trend YTD 

Other key insights include:

The Yes campaign has had over 1 billion X (Twitter) impressions in the past 30 days (compared to No’s 432m), with 1 million more engagements on Yes campaign
The No campaign demographics are increasingly male-dominated at 65% – up by 3.5% over the last 30 days, when compared to the first nine months of the year according to demographics captured from X (Twitter)
The top two key opinion leaders on X (Twitter) for the Yes campaign are ABC News and The Australian. For the No campaign its Sky News Australia and Elijah Schaffer – an American journalist and podcaster.
#voteyes is the most used hashtag (200k times in past 30 days)

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