Mediaweek TV Guide: Weekend 2-4 September

Recommendations by Andrew Mercado [AM] and Dan Barrett [DB]

eSports: Australian World Championship Qualifiers
9:25pm on SBS2
It may surprise you to know just how big the rise of eSports has been globally. There are large audiences and huge money in competitive video game playing. For the first time on Australian TV, SBS will be broadcasting a tournament event live. Obviously this won’t be to everyone’s taste, but for the curious, this is certainly worth a peek. [DB]

Dawn of The Planet of The Apes
10:05pm on Ten
The Planet of The Apes revival series of films has been relatively low profile, but surprisingly engaging. While this sequel doesn’t quite have the same emotional impact as the first of this series, Rise of The Planet of The Apes starring James Franco, it’s a lot of fun watching Australian actor Jason Clarke try to make peace with some trouble-making ape revolutionaries.  [DB]

The Wicker Man
12.30am on Nine
Long-lost footage, thought to be lost forever, has recently been found, meaning this Brit cult classic can finally be seen as its director originally intended. This nutty mix,  a pagan horror musical (yes really) stars Edward Woodward, Christopher Lee, Britt Ekland and Australia’s Diane Cilento. Not to be confused with the horrible Nicholas Cage remake, this 1973 flick is worth setting the DVR for. And a perfect way to welcome in spring too (you will have to watch to figure out that gag). [AM]

The Night Of
1.10pm on showcase
After the series finale screened here “Express from the US” last Monday morning, Foxtel is now offering a marathon screening of all eight episodes. The HBO drama was described by some as the best TV series of 2016 but that’s because many made that call before seeing the whole series – wonder if they all feel the same now? My view is that this is a great series that unfortunately went a bit haywire in its final episodes. And it’s also still only September so let’s hold off on the grand announcements until December. [AM]

The A Word
8.30pm on BBC First
When last seen on TV in Safe House, Christopher Eccleston was living in the Lakes District and swimming laps in a freezing lake. Now he’s living in the Lakes District and jogging over mountains while playing a grandfather whose family is barely holding it together. A birthday party for his music-obsessed grandson is the catalyst for several relatives trying to find out what’s wrong with him – and as per the title, that turns out to be autism. The diagnosis has ramifications for the whole family in this interesting BBC drama. [AM]

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