Mediaweek TV Guide – Tuesday 31 May 2016

The return of 20 To One, Follow The Money, and American Horror Story: Hotel are among the TV highlights for tonight.

Unearthing the best of what’s on TV tonight, Andrew Mercado [AM] and Dan Barrett [DB] offer their picks.

20 To 1 – 7.30pm on Nine
The countdown show is back with all-new episodes and all-new hosts Fitzy and Wippa. The original series ran from 2005 to 2011 and was originally hosted by Charles Tingwell and David Reyne before Bert Newton took over. Sharon Osborne is a good get for this new series because she knows how to deliver a snappy soundbite. But Kevin Rudd who thinks he’s funnier than he is and likes to waffle on a bit? Oh dear. [AM]

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Fitzy Wippa 20 to 1

Revolution School – 8.30pm on ABC
Kiss Bang Love – 8.40pm on Seven

Revolution School is a new four-part series following a group of devoted teachers working at a Melbourne college. This is the type of factual series that might educate its audience as well as entertain. And it’s certainly much more worthwhile than Kiss Bang Love which screens at the same time. Seven’s disastrous dating show came fourth in this timeslot last week and tonight will gamely air a second episode about a “tradie looking for a lady”. Good luck KBL, I will be watching RS. [AM]

American Horror Story: Hotel – 9.30pm on FX
When this show premiered last year on Eleven, it was criticised for being edited and also for having a giant logo promoting Madam Secretary that made the subtitles from the Swedish tourists in this first episode unreadable. Hopefully Foxtel is screening it uncut and without any on-screen advertising. Jessica Lange may have left the gruesome Ryan Murphy franchise but Lady Gaga is a pretty good replacement. [AM]

Follow The Money – SBS On Demand
With so many great shows coming out of the Nordics these days, can you afford to miss another? This Denmark crime thriller is set in the world of economic crime and was met with some great reviews. The show airs weekly on Thursday nights, but these shows are always best watched as part of a binge. SBS reach the fifth episode tonight and with just 40 days left to start watching it on SBS On Demand, it might be time to get started. [DB]

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