Mediaweek TV Guide – 9 May 2016

Your Mediaweek guide of what to watch and when tonight. Reviews by Dan Barrett (DB) and Andrew Mercado (AM).

Have You Been Paying Attention? – 8.30pm on Ten
This is my favourite comedy panel show, hands down. It’s fast and funny and with panellists like Ed Kavalee, Jane Kennedy and Sam Pang, it’s never anything but hysterical. Special guests for its return tonight are Marina Prior and Masterchef’s Matt Preston. (AM)

Nathan For You – 8:30pm on SBS2
Season 3 of the offbeat small business improvement comedy series continues this week with the notable episode The Movement. Each episode comedian Nathan Fielder takes a real-world small business under his watch and provides unique marketing solutions for them. In the first of tonight’s double-episode Fielder provides a removalist company with free labour by developing a new fitness regime called The Movement which emphasises the lifting and moving of furniture boxes and furniture for exercise. A ghost-written book advising on The Movement subsequently made it onto Amazon’s best-seller list. (DB)

Wolf Creek 2 – 9:30pm on Go!
With the Wolf Creek TV series debuting on Stan this week, reacquainting yourself with the world and vicious murders of Wolf Creek may be a valid viewing choice. It’ll at least be slightly less bloodthirsty than the first 2016 election episode of Q&A on ABC tonight. (DB)

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