Mediaweek TV Guide – 4 August 2016

Recommendations by Andrew Mercado

Queen of the South
8.30pm on showcase

US remake of a Mexican telenovela about a powerful female drug dealer. It stars I Am Legend’s Alice Braga and Six Feet Under’s Justina Machado, and its home on “basic cable” USA Network means it can have “rough language” and “bold glimpses of flesh”. But given this is also American TV, as much violence as they want.

Ice Sharks
9.30pm on SyFy

You can obviously never have enough stupid movies about sharks because in the wake of Sharnknado 4 last Monday, Syfy have been going all out with first release movies all week. On Tuesday it was Planet of the Sharks (set in the near future where glacial melting had made sharks the dominant species). On Wednesday it was Summer Shark Attack (in which sharks somehow make it into freshwater lakes in Arkansas). And tonight it’s Ice Sharks (sharks at an Arctic research station) starring actor/writer Edward De Ruiter. He also wrote last year’s Mega Shark vs Kolossus which screens tomorrow night.

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