Mediaweek TV Guide – 15 August 2016

Recommendations by Andrew Mercado

The Kettering Incident
8.30pm on showcase
Foxtel is keeping the conclusion to their epic mystery a secret until the finale goes to air tonight. It has been a throughly excellent series – maybe the year’s best local drama – but how it all ends will determine its fate. If it’s half as shocking as that Wentworth finale they recently keep secret, we could be in for quite the treat.

Cat People
8.30pm on SBS2
All this week, it’s horror movies with animals and it kicks off (get it?) with this 1982 remake of a movie made 40 years earlier. It stars Nastassja Kinski (whatever happened to her?) as the spooky sister that has descended from an incestuous were-cat heritage as explained Malcolm McDowell playing her brother (and yes, like everyone else in the 1980’s, he wants to have sex with Kinski too). Memorable for the Giorgio Morodo soundtrack and title song by David Bowie.

8.30pm on 13th Street
It’s the third series of the Inspector Morse prequel set back when Endeavour Morse was merely a Detective Constable back in 1967. Filming will soon begin on a fourth series to mark the 30th anniversary since Morse first appeared on TV so expect cameos from actors from the original series.

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