Mediaweek TV Guide – 12 September 2016

TV expert Andrew Mercado’s recommendations of what to watch on TV tonight.

Recommendations by Andrew Mercado.

Winners and Losers on Seven

This Aussie drama began five years ago with a group of girlfriends reuniting at their 10-year high school reunion. Then they win a Lotto. It’s fitting that tonight’s finale, after five seasons, has them going back for another school reunion (presumably it’s 15th) and perhaps there will be a mention of all that money they won which seemed to end up as inconsequential as some of its plotlines. Seven originally scheduled this to air in a later timeslot tomorrow, but after TV Tonight commented on its near-midnight finish, happy endings all round should happen just before 11pm tonight.

The Five 9.25pm on Seven

New British TV series made for Sky1 starts off in 1995 with the disappearance of a young boy, who is presumed dead. Flash forward to today and his brother – now a detective – discovers his sibling’s DNA at the scene of a murder crime. Ten episodes follow and it’s been successful enough that a second series has been commissioned – but no plot spoilers – it’s going to be called The Four.

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