Mediaweek TV Guide – 11 August 2016

Reviews by Andrew Mercado

Olympics on Seven
After nearly a week of non-stop sports, I just have one thing to say Seven – where is the information about what sport is on what channel? Four years ago, when Nine shared the bill with Foxtel, there were eight dedicated channels on pay TV and that made things very easy. There was a Swimming channel for everything in the pool, an Equestrian channel for everything with a horse and so on. And when the events weren’t being broadcast live (and in all their entirety too), they repeated things. But after watching endless hours on Seven’s three channels, I still haven’t seen the events I want to watch. Last night, in desperation, I even downloaded the Olympics 7 app and checked their “schedule”, only for it tell me when the events are on – but not which Seven channel will screen it. So thanks Seven, I guess the message from all this is, stay up all night, flick between all three channels and hope for the best. Sigh.

6.30pm on Eleven

They love a nutty cameo on Ramsay Street. Clive James has been a postman and a gaggle of UK and Aussie pop stars have lined up to play themselves including The Pet Shop Boys, Lily Allen, The Veronicas and Human Nature. But tonight it’s the turn of Jamie Lawson and, well, it’s OK, I’ve never heard of him either. He’s in Erinsborough to serenade Brad and Lauren who are trying to decide whether or not to marry. Brad’s had a busy week so far, what with his divorce party, the return of his bad boy son and a night on the turps with Toadie to watch the Olympics. Dressed head to toe in green and gold, all I could wonder is how can those two bozos find the synchronised swimming when I can’t?

The Musketeers
8.30pm on BBC First

This was one of the big dramas this channel launched with on Foxtel. Now it’s the third and final series which, unusually, premiered in Canada, the US and Latin America before it premiered in the UK last May. That makes Australia very late to the party but maybe it’s not that big a deal, given this show rated so badly on the ABC when it finally got on-sold there, it was pulled off mid-run.

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