Mediaweek TV Guide – 1 August 2016

Suggestions by Andrew Mercado

Australia’s Most Outrageous Weddings
7.30pm on Nine

20 To One just finished last week but with one Monday spare before the Olympics kicks in for Seven, Nine has this one-off(?) special with a title that is self-explanatory. And next week in this same timeslot, it’s … a repeat of 20 To One. Meanwhile over on TEN, All-Star Family Feud returns with the cast of The Real Housewives of Melbourne going head to head with the cast from I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here.

The Simpsons
8.30pm on Eleven

After trying for months to turn Mondays into a destination for supernatural and horror series, Eleven completely gives up and goes back to yet more repeats of that reliable cartoon family (despite them also screening at 7pm weeknights). Sleepy Hollow moves to 9.30pm, Supernatural is gone and BrainDead is off to midnight where it can whither away quietly just like Damien and The Strain did before it. Here’s a thought though, Eleven – perhaps all these shows would do better on Friday and/or Saturday nights when your target audience is looking to stay up late and watch something scary.

Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens
9.30pm on SyFy

Having already screened Express from the US today at noon, here’s a primetime encore for those who find Q&A too cerebral. This latest sequel reunites Ian Ziering and David Hasselhoff and moves the action from LA (the first movie), New York (the second) and Washington (the third) to Kansas (so they can do references to The Wizard of Oz). Guest stars include TJ Hooker’s Adrian Zmed, Knots Landing’s Donna Mills, Married With Children’s David Faustino and Big Wednesday’s Gary Busey as a scientist who has turned the once-dead Tara Reid into some sort of cyborg. Given her performance in the first three though, how will anybody be able to tell the difference?

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