Mediaweek releases single session tickets for the 2023 Mediaweek Academy

Mediaweek Academy

Single session tickets allow participants to curate a unique and individual experience.

Mediaweek’s first Mediaweek Academy is kickstarting in less than a month, with single session tickets now available.

Single session tickets allow participants to pick and choose which sessions to attend, allowing them to curate a unique and individual experience.

Participants can choose from 10 topics, including career growth & development, building client trust & respect, sales & negotiation skills, and building your personal brand.

Find the full list of topics to choose from and purchase tickets here.

Over 10 months, the program will share invaluable media knowledge from an inspiring lineup of Legends and Superstars.

Led by industry expert Greg Graham, attendees will get the chance to enhance their media skills, hear invaluable insights from some of Australia’s top professionals, network with like-minded individuals and fast-track their media careers.

Supported and hosted by News Corp, Nova and LinkedIn, some of the featured Legends and Superstars include John Steedman, Rebecca Drummond (Wavemaker ANZ), Mark Buckman (Accenture Song), Duncan McGrath (Google), Genelle Sharples (Telstra), Philippa Noliea-Tani (Wavemaker), Sunita Gloster (Gloster Advisory) and Lara Brownlow (LinkedIn), among others.

John Steedman, Rose Herceg, Oscar Trimboli, Julia Zaetta

When asked what makes the Mediaweek Academy unique, Graham pointed to the rare and invaluable combination of media Legends and Superstars.

“I think it’s the combination of having the incredible legends and then the fresh perspective of the superstars. So the unique blend of experts is really powerful and exciting.”

Additionally, the MW Academy focuses on young up-and-coming talent.

“They’re going to learn a lot and be inspired by the perspective of the legends and superstars, ultimately fast-tracking their media careers,” said Graham.

To see the full list of topics, along with the list of Legends and Superstars, head here.

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The 2023 Mediaweek Academy commences Wednesday, February 22 and runs for 10 months.

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