Linktree unveils its new monetisation features for creators


The new features give fans options on how they can show support to their favourite creators in a way that suits them

Linktree is introducing three new revenue streams for creators to make money. 

Linktree’s new features gives fans options to support their favourite creators in a way that suits them, which gives creators the freedom, flexibility, and security to keep doing what they love

Let fans say “thanks” with Buy Me a Gift

Buy Me a Gift is a feature that allows fans to thank the creator in just a few clicks. It’s simple and quick, and there’s no account creation required.

Buy Me A Gift is a lot like the Linker-favourite feature, Tip Jar – but with a little more inspiration thrown in! Pick from five fun emoji gift options (from a cup of coffee, a taco, birthday cake, beer or a present) that represent what a fan’s gift means to the creator. Then, the creator sets a price and connects their PayPal or Square account to get paid.
Payment is easy too. Fans can use Paypal, Venmo, credit or debit cards when creators connect Paypal, and Apple Pay or Google Pay when Square is connected.
Linktree also noted that for a limited time no charge will be made on any transaction fees – meaning more money for creators. Payment providers may charge their own processing fees, which creators can give their fans an option to cover, too.
Once you’ve added your Buy Me a Gift link is added to Linktree, creators can share a URL to bring folks directly to it.


Drive more sales with SendOwl Links
Linktree has also teamed up with SendOwl to make it super easy for creators, makers, educators, trainers, entertainers and more to sell and deliver almost any online product – from audiobooks, videos, images, software, memberships, exclusive events and courses.
To do this creators will need to set up an SendOwl account. Then, add a SendOwl link and display up to 10 digital products right in your Linktree as a browsable carousel.
Customers can then tap “Shop Now” and get redirected to browse all of your SendOwl products, or tap “Buy Now” to be taken directly to the checkout flow for the product they’ve chosen. In both cases, the checkout is hosted on SendOwl, so the whole process is simple and safe.
When a buyer completes checkout, SendOwl automatically sends them a secure link to retrieve their digital goods. The process is fast and easy for the, and a breeze for the creator too.
Showcase and sell custom merch with ease using Bonfire Links
Bonfire and Linktree have teamed up to make it effortless for creators sell their unique merch.
With Bonfire, creating and uploading designs is a breeze. By adding a storefront to a Linktree profile, creators can easily promote your custom designs and reach a wider audience.
Entering the merch game used to be complicated, but now, it takes a matter of minutes. Best of all, there’s almost no risk to creators because Bonfire takes care of printing, inventory and shipping, leaving them to focus on what they do best.
Creators can start generating sales and expanding their revenue streams with custom merch that seamlessly integrates with their Linktree.

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