Mediaweek announces its 2023 Mediaweek Academy ambassadors

The course will enhance your team’s media skills, fast-tracking them to the top of the industry

The inaugural Mediaweek Academy is set to launch in February 2023 and is jam-packed with invaluable media knowledge from a bumper lineup of Legends and Superstars.

Led by industry expert Greg ‘Sparrow’ Graham, the course will enhance your team’s media skills, fast-tracking them to the top of the industry.

Mediaweek is excited to announce our Mediaweek Academy ambassadors for 2023.

The 2023 ambassadors are Audience Precision’s head of media Jessica Bray, News Corp Australia’s independent agency sales manager Alexander Coucouvinis and agency sales manager agency & key accounts NSW Victoria Isaac, and OMD’s account manager Sophie Cole.

The course framework – beginning on February 22 2023 – is spread over 10 months and will feature a special blend of interactive elements, Q&A, regular lectures, a feedback loop, and a personalised action plan to implement back in your business after each session.

Early bird tickets are available until December 16. Make sure to secure your spot before they sell out. Secure your spot here.

Mediaweek spoke to the Mediaweek Academy ambassadors ahead of the course about what they hope to gain from the experience.

Recently promoted Audience Precision head of media, Jessica Bray said, “Great to see deeper education becoming a priority for our industry. Sparrow’s course covers everything from personal branding, and negotiation skills, to leadership and management mindset.

“If you are interested in taking your career to the next level, then be sure to check it out.”

Audience Precision

Jessica Bray

Greg Graham will lead the sessions, which will feature a Superstar of the industry discussing their insights in their respective specialist areas, alongside an industry Legend sharing their career development wisdom.

Alexander Coucouvinis from News Corp said, “When I saw the star power in the list of media and marketing legends set to present, I was quick to register for the inaugural Mediaweek Academy.

“I am really looking forward to leaning into each topic to equip me with the knowledge and tools to further my career here at News Corp Australia.”

Alexander Coucouvinis

The course will fast-track your team’s media career and teach invaluable skills from some of Australia’s top professionals.

Victoria Isaac from News Corp said, “It is an honour to take part in this program, and a real opportunity to develop my career with lessons from the best and brightest in the industry.

“I’m looking forward to learning from some of the industry’s most successful experts and adapting their mindset to my day to day, both as an individual and within my wider team. I know the lessons taught will stick with me for years to come and I’m excited to see where my career advances to.”

mediaweek academy

Victoria Isaac

The course will give young professionals the chance to network with like-minded individuals and help organisations retain skilled employees

Sophie Cole from OMD said, “I’m excited to hear from a diverse mix of media professionals on how young people in the industry can best set themselves up for an inspiring and dynamic career in media.

“With so many topics across the 10 lesson program, I look forward to re-evaluating some of my hard skills in areas such as Sales & Negotiation Skills while in parallel developing my soft skills in areas such as Inspiring Creativity and Leadership/Management Mindset.

“I also look forward to workshopping with other young people in media to challenge one another and learn from our unique experiences in the industry so far.”

“There is a big focus on nailing the processes and systems in your first couple years of media.

“This program encourages young people in the industry to pause, take a step back and think more openly about who they want to be in their career, how they want to lead, what they want to be known for by their clients and peers and master their media craft,” Cole added.

mediaweek academy

Sophie Cole

Early bird tickets are available until December 16, purchase them here. 

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