Audience Precision announces the promotion of Jessica Bray to head of media

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Bray spoke to Mediaweek about her stepping into the new role, her goals, and her outlook for the year ahead

Audience Precision has announced the promotion of Jessica Bray to head of media.

Bray spoke to Mediaweek about her stepping into the new role, her goals, and her outlook for the year ahead.

Bray shared that she is “beyond honoured” with the promotion to head of media, having joined the independent agency six years ago as its fifth-ever employee.

“It has been challenging, rewarding, and exhilarating to be a part of this business from the beginning. I am so excited to continue being an important part of our growth as I step into this elevated role,” she said.

The promotion for Bray is a step up from her previous role as media team lead, which she said shares many similarities with what she oversees as head of the unit.  

In the role, Bray will be responsible for managing the Australian media team and deliverables, their international buying partners, and the media owner and client relationships.

“The main difference is a heightened responsibility across larger business planning and involvement in the company as a senior executive,” she said.
“I will continue to report to Haydon Bray, along with the rest of the AP head of unit roles,” she added.
Bray explained that Audience Precision is unique in how its units are structured, noting that they are: “more of a strategy consultancy than simply a media agency.
“I am able to step into a head of media role due to the support that I have from our client advisory unit, where we have team members with 20+ years of client and brand experience at the highest level of this industry,” she said.
“I work very closely with this unit, and their expertise and mentorship help to guide the way that I run the media unit as a whole,” she added. 

Though economic pressures looming in the year ahead, Audience Precision is currently busy in a period of growth, according to Bray. She noted that her focus will be on helping maintain that growth, particularly with new business in Australia and global markets.

“As head of media, a lot of my time will be spent in the new business arena, as well as nurturing new clients we onboard and hiring appropriately for the workload,” she said.

In the role, Bray shared that she hopes to help grow the overall business for AP to achieve its maximum potential.

“This means never accepting ‘ordinary’ and always aiming for constant improvement on what we deliver for our clients,” she said.

Bray also noted that as a leader, she hopes to lead a team inspired to help their clients achieve their goals using Precise360.

“Using our bespoke technology platform to craft innovative campaigns allows my team to expand their skillsets to achieve their career ambitions,” she said.

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Looking ahead to 2023, Bray also shared her own goals she hopes to achieve. She said she hopes to build a team that can: “think outside the standard way of media strategy and buying to maximise the opportunities the business is creating both here and in overseas markets.”

Bray noted that she places a lot of value in additional learning and upskilling and will be taking on furthering her education in 2023.

“I am placing a lot of focus on my studies of my MBA and as many industry courses I can get my hands on so that I can better serve my team beneath me,” she said.

Top image: Jessica Bray

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