Media Watch questions Nova, Kyle Sandilands promises Nova & 2Day “dirt”

Sandilands is promising to reveal all on his show on Thursday this week

When it comes to radio and Media Watch, it is often 2GB that grabs the program’s attention. However, the program featured Nova last night and questioned how it runs some of its on-air competitions. Media Watch claimed that programs were not the only thing syndicated on the network.

In response to questions from Media Watch, Nova Entertainment told the program:

“Nova Entertainment runs its listener competitions in adherence to a strict process set out formally in the competition terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are lodged with the relevant authorities, including the liquor and gaming authority and clearly set out the prizes available, the states in which the competition is running and how to win. The terms and conditions are freely available to listeners on the relevant Nova Entertainment websites or on request at the stations.

“Nova prides itself on giving listeners the opportunity to win prizes and experiences and conducts its competitions with the utmost integrity. Any suggestion of a ‘duplication’ of winners is completely false and baseless.”

Read the complete statement here.

A excited viewer last night was KIIS 1065 breakfast host Kyle Sandilands who brought up the Media Watch program this morning on The Kyle and Jackie O Show. After giving Nova a spray, Sandilands said: “This shocked me.” Sandilands then explained how syndicating daytime content works and how competition wins can be used for promotional purposes in other markets.

The KIIS breakfast program then played part of a Nova promotion for Adele tickets.

After advising the network about other ways it could be saving revenue, Sandilands finished with:

“This is only day one of my D Day – bringing down the opposition. I have been digging around and I have some great shit on people. Things that people [in radio] have done that are bad. 2Day FM and Nova…you are in my sights. We are the only true station. If some shit happens here we will tell you.” Sandilands is promising to reveal all on his show on Thursday this week.

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