Media people on the AFR Rich List 2017

Anthony Pratt #1, but where do Stokes, Bendat, Gordon and Singo rank?

Anthony Pratt

The publication of the 2017 Rich List sees The AFR drop the BRW branding which has accompanied the list since it launched 34 years ago.

Commenting on the name change, editor John Stensholt says:

This year, the list changes its name to the Financial Review Rich List to identify it with its home of the past three years in print, The Australian Financial Review Magazine, and online at Though the baton is passed from BRW to The Australian Financial Review the list lives on its original form, and though many of the names have changed over time there is a core group of Rich List perennials.

Topping the list is businessman Anthony Pratt with record personal wealth of $12.6 billion.

Investors on the list who have grown their wealth through media include Kerry Stokes at #14 with $2.9b, Bruce Gordon #107 with $629m and John Singleton at #172 $450m. Others who have been media investors include James Packer (#9 with $4.75b), Jack Bendat (#90 with $701m), Mary Fairfax (#113 with $597m) and Harold Mitchell (#192 with 370m).

The entertainment sector was key to John and Robert Kirby ranking #166 and #167 with $454m while Nicole Kidman makes the list at #197 with $347m.

Photo: Anthony Pratt. Source: Nic Walker/The AFR

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