Top media people 2016: Rick Lenarcic, SCA

Our annual listing of 25 media executives who made a difference this year and are shaping how 2017 will look

Rick Lenarcic, Head of regional media, SCA

Running regional radio and TV isn’t as glamorous as being a metro media star, but there are fewer bigger gigs in Australian radio and TV than handling this network of 78 radio stations and 66 TV stations. During 2016 CRA oversaw the introduction of radio ratings across no fewer than 20 new regional markets that featured SCA stations and many of its TV stations drop Network Ten programming for Nine content. In December Lenarcic oversaw a significant national rebranding of the regional radio portfolio. With 43 stations, the Hit Network will become the largest radio network in Australia and with 35 stations, Triple M will become the second largest radio network. Lenarcic has worked on these broadcast assets under various owners since 1992.

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