Mash secures $2 million in pre-series A funding to expand its leadership team across APAC

Mash - Natasha Menon and Sarah Churchlow

“We are thrilled to have the support of the kindred entrepreneurial spirit of our investor”

Mash, a creative services startup, has announced it has closed a $2 million preseries A funding round. 

Representing the first external capital the business has raised to date, the entire round has been funded by the Melbourne-based J Bell Family office. 

Founded in Australia in 2018, Mash curates bespoke teams, with a unique blend of industry and local insights, to solve brand challenges.

The business, which is experiencing 90% growth year-on-year, works with global brands such as Netflix, Indeed and Accor and is active across 28 countries, including Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and the US. 

The preseries A funding will be used to expand Mash’s leadership team across Asia-Pacific and to add new technology to its world-class infrastructure platform that supports team curation, collaboration and remote work.

Since its inception, Mash has been at the forefront of the gig economy and remote working revolution for professional creative services and draws upon a senior global talent pool of over 200 creative experts, such as Mattias Schuecking, the former head of marketing APAC at Airbnb currently in Singapore, and Tokyo-based Art Director Dillion Liiu, who has worked with the likes of Nike and Coca Cola.

Experienced, multi-disciplinary creatives or “Mashers” can only join the global network by being referred, followed by a five stage screening process to ensure they are the right cultural fit within the platform.

Mash CEO and co-founder Natasha Menon said the investment was necessary for Mash to meet the increasing demand from both brands and Mashers.

“The big creative agency model just isn’t working for clients or creatives. Brands that are looking to drive impact and results are seeking more efficient, transparent and effective creative solutions that integrate as part of their own business. They still want the global, big-picture thinking, but with a strong understanding of local markets and sensitivities, without endemic wastage,” she said.

“At the same time, senior creative professionals are embracing the flexibility of working how they want, on projects and brands that not only resonate with their personal values, but where their expertise lends to them delivering the greatest amount of impact,” Menon added.

The preseries round was oversubscribed, with Mash deciding to work solely with one lead investor despite offers from other investors in Australia, Asia and the US.  

“We’re known for our ability to curate teams in such a way that we seamlessly match independent creatives to client brands and projects. We used the same approach to find the right investment partner for Mash; one who understood that success is not just about growing but growing in the right way. We are thrilled to have the support of the kindred entrepreneurial spirit of our investor.
“Their support will be pivotal in how we further capitalise on our position as the first creative services business of our kind to operate at scale across APAC, bringing the benefits of the best global thinking and local knowledge to brands looking to grow across the region,” said Menon.

Top image, left and right: Natasha Menon and Sarah Churchlow

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