LiSTNR’s Just the Gist podcast hits 10 million downloads

just the gist

“You don’t get to 10 million downloads by accident”

LiSTNR original podcast, Just the Gist, has reached a major milestone, recording 10 million downloads.

Over the last three and a half years, hosts Rosie Waterland and Jacob Stanley have told more than 145 stories about famous scandals, true crimes, celeb drama, conspiracy theories, politics, and amazing people throughout history. With listeners now able to tune in twice a week, the podcast’s content has become a hit with audiences Australia wide.

In February Just the Gist climbed to 15th spot in the All Australian Podcast Ranker with more than 206,000 monthly listeners – a jump of 55% from 133,000 monthly listeners in February 2022.

Waterland and Stanley break down the details of their stories without getting bogged down in any of the boring bits. Listeners get ‘just the gist’ of what they need to know – the juiciest, most entertaining details.

Jacob Stanley said: “We’re super grateful to all the Gisteners who’ve stuck with us from the beginning, especially the ones who’ve recruited their friends and family to get on board VERY enthusiastically. It’s the community of Gisteners that’s driven the growth of the show through word of mouth more than anything else.” 

Co-host Rosie Waterland said: “From a little idea in my bedroom, to Best Entertainment Podcast [at the 2020 Australian Podcast Awads], to sold-out national tours, to 10 MILLION DOWNLOADS! Jacob and I still can’t quite believe that so many people proudly call themselves ‘Gisteners’. Not bad for two drama school dropouts, one of whom can’t even drive. (Me. That’s me.)”

LiSTNR Just the Gist Producer, Lindsey Green, said: “You don’t get to 10 million downloads by accident. This achievement is testament to the creativity, innovation and fun that Rosie and Jacob have brought to the podcast over the past three and a half years and the loyal community they’ve created with their Gisteners.”

Just the Gist is available now on LiSTNR with new episodes dropping every Tuesday and Thursday.

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