LADbible Australia announces the launch of LADstudios


• LADstudios will explore opportunities to expand their series and franchises

LADbible Australia has announced the launch of LADstudios; A creative production studio, with screen and digital experts at its helm, creating platform-first content for all platforms, with the ability to publish and promote to their local audience of 11.8 million and global audience of over half a billion.

LADstudios will explore opportunities to expand their series and franchises across and outside of their digital platforms, while at the same time opening themselves up to opportunities with local and international distributors.

The launch of LADstudios in Australia is marked by the upcoming release of LADbible Australia’s first feature-length documentary series with production funding from Screen Australia, which will premiere worldwide on Amazon Prime Video on October 29. The Unheard documentary series is an extension of LADbible Australia’s Unheard campaign which launched in February 2021, tackling racial injustice in Australia.

LADbible Australia also has plans to locally develop LADbible digital series such as Minutes With and Agree to Disagree, alongside a slate of original Australian series, by ramping up production of platform first formats, driven by data to help service more brands, partners and communities than ever.    

Shahn Devendran, head of originals, LADbible APAC says: “The evolution of screen content continues to provide exciting new ways to connect with our audience, but tailoring that content to the respective platform will always remain a crucial part of the equation. LADstudios has a unique opportunity to create premium screen content that draws from LADbible’s vast knowledge of community insights and platform nuances, ensuring that our shows and series are bespoke to the audience and platform, whether that be for streaming, social or beyond.”  

Joseph Summers, general manager, LADbible APAC said: We’re very fortunate to have millions of young Australians engage with our content every day. As a result, we’ve been able to test, learn and build up an extensive understanding of what young people want to consume, on which platform, and why. With the introduction of LADstudios, we’re now able to take these learnings and develop a slate of high performing originals, while at the same time allowing our partners to leverage LADstudios, and our data led approach, to authentically connect with young Australians.”

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