Kyle and Jackie O’s secret weapon for Melbourne: Reality TV star Lachy Mansell

Lachy Mansell

Sydney’s #1 breakfast radio show appoints Beauty and the Geek winner to key role.

Just seven days before The Kyle and Jackie O Show explodes onto the Melbourne airwaves, ARN has appointed Lachy Mansell to a key role on the show.

The name may not mean much, but Mansell is known to Kyle and Jackie O fans and reality TV addicts. He also has an audience from his most recent job as daytime announcer at ARN’s Power FM in Ballarat.

Reality TV winner

Kyle and Jackie O often cross to Lachy Mansell for updates on what he has been up to. After his success on a Nine version of Beauty and the Geek, Mansell worked as a producer on the breakfast show and worked for the street team.

Mansell charmed his way to the top as champion of the 2021 version of The Beauty and the Geek.

They may not have found romance together on Beauty and the Geek 2021, but winning couple Mansell and Kiera Johnstone admitted they’d formed a connection just as meaningful, reported at the time.

“I wanted to find love on this show, and we weren’t romantically in love or anything like that but I love Lachlan. The love that we do have for each other, you want to say platonic, but it’s more than that,” Johnstone said.

After that reality TV victory, he took up work at ARN at KIIS 106.5.

Keira and Lachy in a tender moment from The Beauty and the Geek


Fast cars: Lachy Mansell’s side hustle

In addition to his media work, Mansell has a side hustle that keeps him busy – especially on weekends.

Mansell launched Chequered Flag Media in 2007. The business offers media, communications and public relations services specialising in the motor racing industry.

Detailing specifically what the business can offer, Mansell pointed to: motorsport competitors committed to pursuing a professional career in the sport; motorsport series that want to stand out from all the others; and teams, motorsport services and other businesses (including sponsors) that want to derive value from their investment in the sport.

Mansell first worked for others in motorsport, starting at the Winton Motor Raceway in northern Victoria just over a decade ago. He then worked in PR and later became media manager for Benalla Auto Club Group. He also works as a motorsport commentator and journalist.

Lachy Mansell

Kyle and Jackie O with their new Melbourne presenter, Lachy Mansell

Mansell’s new radio gig

Mansell will be the first full time Melbourne-based producer for The Kyle and Jackie O Show.

“Pumped to be part of the next chapter for K&J as they expand into another capital city,” he said about the role.

“A massive thank you to the 103.1 Power FM Ballarat team for all their support over the last 10 months. The skills I learned as a radio announcer will be invaluable in my new role.”

After he first got a gig with KIIS in 2021, Lachy said: “Massive thanks to Kyle, Jackie and the entire KIIS 1065 team for bringing me on board. What was initially a very temporary appearance off the back of my reality TV exploits has turned into a much longer-term role, and something that certainly wasn’t on my radar at the start of 2021. As well as being an amazing professional opportunity, it’s also contributed to the (very positive) transformation of my social life.”

The Kyle and Jackie O Show launches on Melbourne’s KIIS 101.1 on Monday 29 April.

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