Khemistry appoints Robbie Dodd as head of production


Dodd was the behaviour change creative agency’s number-one draft pick for this critical role

Khemistry has announced the appointment of Robbie Dodd as its new head of production.

Dodd brings 35 years of industry experience to the agency and is highly respected by her peers, partners and clients. She was the behaviour change creative agency’s number-one draft pick for this critical role.

Dodd’s attention to high-quality production, whilst driving value for clients, is unparalleled. She has produced hundreds of projects across broadcast and content productions, photography, video documentaries, podcasts, radio and live events for clients such as Woolworths, Suncorp, Q Super, Queensland Government, Virgin Airlines, The University of Queensland, and The Lott.

As head of production and part of the Khemistry leadership team, Dodd will run Khemistry’s sophisticated in-house production facilities, including the freshly launched EarWorm sound studio. She will also lead the agency’s design studio to provide clients with a true end-to-end production experience.

Susan Lyons, Khemistry managing director, said: “Robbie Dodd is one of the most experienced producers in the industry. She is respected by her peers, partners and clients and is a brilliant ray of sunshine in any room. It was a no-brainer to add her to our evolving team as we build for a strong future here at Khemistry.

“We’ve always had a talented and incredibly capable in-house team. Bringing Robbie in has allowed us to truly offer the best of both worlds to our clients – a great in-house production offering, plus partnering with incredible talent in the market for outsourced production when the solution calls for it.”

Dodd said of her new role: “I admire how Khemistry has strived to both attain and retain staff who are passionate about their careers. I felt blessed to be offered a role here. It was a joy to accept a permanent position and become part of this evolving team.

“With Susan Lyons and Jo Millington providing great leadership, creatively supported by Brent Liebenberg, I feel very fortunate to be part of a team that challenges each other, with people and client success at the heart of the agency,” she added.

Top image: Khemistry team

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