Katharine Murphy quits The Guardian Australia for role with prime minister Anthony Albanese

The Guardian Australia - Katharine Murphy

“But it’s time – after nearly three decades – for a new chapter.”

The Guardian Australia’s political editor, Katharine Murphy, is leaving the publication for a role in the office of prime minister Anthony Albanese

Murphy took to X on Monday to share news of her departure from the publication, adding that supporting good journalism has “never been more necessary.”

She wrote: “28 years ago, almost to the week, I arrived in the Canberra press gallery. I am deeply grateful to so many people for the opportunities I’ve had and for the generosity that has been extended to me by mentors, colleagues and readers.

Murphy said that being part of establishing The Guardian Australia with editor Lenore Taylor has been the “greatest privilege of my professional life”.

“But it’s time – after nearly three decades – for a new chapter.”

Murphy revealed that she would be joining the prime minister’s office. However, she did not disclose what role she would be stepping into or when she would begin after wrapping up duties with The Guardian Australia.
Murphy concluded her message: “I want to say farewell by thanking Australians who support good journalism. It has never been more necessary. Thank you for your company. It’s been an honour.”

Murphy has worked in the Canberra parliamentary press gallery since 1996 for the Australian Financial Review, The Australian and The Age. She joined The Guardian Australia starting as deputy political editor before moving up to political editor in 2016.

She has been a Walkley Award finalist twice for digital journalism and political commentary and won the won the Paul Lyneham Award for Excellence in Press Gallery Journalism in 2008.

Murphy is also a director of the National Press Club and author of On Disruption and Quarterly Essay The End of Certainty. In 2019, she was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Canberra.
Taylor also took to X to celebrate Murphy’s tenure with The Guardian Australia and her work with them over the years.

“Murph has been part of Guardian Australia project since the idea was conceived ten years ago as what seemed like an audacious attempt to change Australia’s media landscape. It has succeeded beyond anything we imagined. 

“Murph’s dedication, tireless work and brilliant political analysis have played a significant part in that success. On behalf of everyone at Guardian Australia, I’d like to thank her. We’ll all miss her terribly, and so will our readers,” Taylor added.

Opposition leader Peter Dutton said he was “genuinely shocked” that Murphy would now be “officially running lines for Labor”

He added: “The real outrage is David Crowe missed out. What more must he do to prove his credentials to formally be employed by the Labor Party? #givecroweago”.

Top image: Katharine Murphy

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